Never Be That Tough
Simone White Lyrics

when I first met you
back in December
I think I thought I knew
I knew better

but now spring is around us
feels like a change is really happening
and everything is possible
I should know by now
you have to surrender to love

don't turn your back on love
'cause you could never be that tough

when I looked at you
it's like I could remember
that this goes on and on
forever and ever
there's nothing we could do
to make it better

don't turn your back on love
'cause you can never have enough

one day you'll find
maybe this time
you could lose everything
and it would still be alright

don't turn your back on love
'cause you could never be that tough


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Comments from YouTube:

Martin DelAngel

Just saw the movie Blackbird and I immediately fell in love with this song! The video is a little strange but the song is amazing! :)

Adrielle Mesquita


Simone White


Y Vv

I really like this song !! Whenever I hear this song it makes me so calm and chilling ! Love from Malaysia ❤️

Simone White

Thank you! That is the highest that I could hope for, to help people feel peaceful. <3 <3


I met a woman in 2007 because of our mutual love of your music. Life got in the way multiple times but we're still close and are finally working to towards being together.

I just want to say thank you for everything you've done. I'm willing to bet you've made more people happy than you can ever imagine. I hope you're happy too.

Simone White

This is such a beautiful message. Thank you for writing to me. I wish you and your love all the best. You're right, I have no idea. xx

Ludmila Rodrigues

Sentindo tanto a falta de suas músicas...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Matheus Santos

I like this song!!

Kate Foster

This is such a beautiful song and I can't stop watching this video - it seems so simple but is so powerful. Just wanted to say thank you, I'm so in love with this and can't wait to get more of your music!

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