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So Far So Good
Sims Lyrics

The whole world's turnin' out
Just for you, just for you, just for you
The moon's burnin' out now
Just for you, just for you, just for you

You got the world on a string now don't you, don't you
It moves to the speed of your hands
Commanded at the snap of your digits
You can spin it how you wanna spin it
I'm just here to visit, just passin' through
Maybe kick a few notes, you know?
But I been tone deaf since my girl left and it shows
Buildin' a fire lookin' for footprints in the snow
Tap dancin' on land mines
Angels lead letters and valentines
The red Jettas the vendettas
That tap land lines
And I'm on standby

And maybe it's the greatest maladaptation of our time
Overworked and underpaid the way we waste our minds (right)
Barely stayin' afloat in the exponential growth
So we try to exi-stencil, sketch our own
Still feel the hands that are wrapped around our throats
We stumble home fumbling for control of the debris
But it's hard to hold the weight
So we wear poker faces and keep switchblades up our sleeves
We are boxers fighting off the frost
Choking on pride, exhausted and lost
Now we survive for what it's worth
Finding our way with the feeling that burnt

Lights out

We don't have time for passion anymore
It's all metal poses, and plastic petal roses
We don't have time

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Comments from YouTube:

Carlos Hernandez Jr.

pure magic

Matt Hanson

We don't have time for passion anymore

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