Sirenia Lyrics

I feel the magic rushing in
I feel the heavenworks ascend like a sun within
All my travail is on the wane
A lucid bliss sets in, and the world sails away

I'm cold seed
I'm your sweetest leaf
I'll ease your mind
I'll set you free
My queen come rise in me
Hallucination or a dream ascendancy?
I cry come bring me on a high
We'll watch the angels fly, then we'll ride the crimson sky

Hear you screaming out in hours of living hell
And the void inside you've carried it so well
Seems like living now gets harder every day
Seems like you don't care for life the same way

Winds of euphoria and lucid needs
A call, a desire deep inside of me
A hope yon all loss and broken dreams
An ephemeral walk in elysian fields

A new dawn is rising within me
I ride the ninth cloud in the seventh dream
A haven yon life and it's cruelty
If life will pass me by, then so be it...

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Brian Joe Haran

it has happened. the annette vs tarja has entered the doom metal vids. lord help us.


Yes it is. If you love this, you should really listen to the albums "At Sixes and Sevens" and "An Elixir For Existance" (This is where the song Euphoria came from) This was Sirenia at their peak. I wouldn't suggest to Listen to "Nine Destinies and a downfall" or "The 13th Floor" as the classical instruments, the clean male vocals, and growls have been stripped sadly...unless you're into that style too. But let me tell you, I was saddened when they did that

Stark Messenger

He's also a genius at diluting half of the songs with unnecessary death vocals. What a buzz kill.


I spent so many years finding this song


Sixes and Sevens is one of the best albums ever.


(Continued) BTW, Tuomas is the brain behind the band. No one should be making it seem like Tarja was carrying the band because she only contributed vocals.

gary charles

Whenever you visit this band website or survey their work,One's adjudication can only deem them the best band on planet earth. Metal, Goth,and the elements of sound.They diversify this culture into the epitome of music engineering.


I LOVE Sirenia!!! :)

Jenna Barry

Fabienne, the French vocalist, was the session singer on At Sixes And Sevens. She was followed on An Elixir For Existence by Henriette Bordvik, who I think was actually considered a member of the band, and then replaced by Monika Pederson on Nine Destinies. Now they are looking for a new vocalist...


One of the best songs ever in my opinion.

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