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by Sirgun Kaur

Oh Cosmic Creator of all that is
Oh Cosmic Source of all vibration
Inspire us to be receptive,
to create internal space where
Your Presence can reside
Move in us as creativity
so we may be the perfect vessels of Your mission
Enlighten us that we may serve the highest good
and find solace in forgiveness
May we always remember our purpose
illuminate the wisdom in every moment
For this infinity is Yours
And its experience is mine.
I am yours.
You are mine.
This is ours.
And I am thine.
From the beginning without end
forever and ever
From the beginning without end
forever and ever

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Comments from YouTube:

Porter Singer aka Sirgun Kaur

This is really beautiful imagery. Thanks!


+Sirgun Kaur thank you for sharing your beautiful songs..peace and love, Maggie :)

April Dawn

Ah is the sound of the heart chakra. I AM one with the all that is. Hallelujah. Thank you


iona june

Exquisitely Beautiful !. Your visuals are Amazing, such Delight to watch, showing the constant energy at work in the cosmos. The song is so Divine, beautiful beyond words, it fills my soul with Love Divine. This is a Treasure presentation, dear Maggie. Thank you for giving such Beauty to us.


It was such a joy to make a video of Sirgun Kaur`s Amen - and an even greater joy when she left a comment !
So glad you enjoyed this iona..its also such a joy and pleasure to receive your comments too :) xx

Patricia Bretas

So beautiful: music, lyrics and images...So soothing and moving!


yes Patricia I love her music

Leslie Spiers

just beautiful Hallelujah to the Lord on high <3



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