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Cero Real
Sitacosis Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Laurie Kilner

What a beautiful bird. Have never seen one such as this

Niyaz Nazar

and i also understand that your time is also precious. im replying you in tears, my bird's condition is getting worse everyday. will flagyl help him, Doc?

Niyaz Nazar

but it looks like we have to meet face-to-face about this. but im staying very far away in Qatar. im typing you all these messages and comments to you in tears....

Ross Perry

Registering is not enough, and I have replied to that. There is a page on the website about remote consultations and payment for them. I think we are probably too late to save your bird. I am sad that so many birds die because of lack of true understanding of what diseases are present and how to treat them and how to tube feed birds and keep them alive when they are not eating or drinking. I hope my videos on tube feeding and other subjects help save some birds, as do my books.


Aww! Poor little girl! So sad! I have a cinna pearl/pied cockatiel named Joker. I love her so much. I also have a grey/pied male named Coach. I love him bunches, too!

Niyaz Nazar

i already registered in the site you mentioned, that day itself. but im not seeing any notifications on my e-mail.


thank you for taking the time to make this video Dr Perry, as I know how bad and common Psiticosis can be - I've had several cockatiels over the years with it to varying degrees, all successfully treated with Psitivet. We wish you well in great work you're doing to educate people about their pet birds ! :-). Cricket & Shadow.

Beth McKellar

What was the medication you mentioned? Citivet? (sp?) thanks so much....

zozolove .pet

thanks you Doc your videos are very very excellent and useful to me Dr. zaidoon al-taey (vet dr>)

Jon C

Thank you Dr. Ross for everything you do for these great birds. FROM USA, Vet's here don't care nor really understand cockatiels.

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