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Six Million Dollar Weirdo Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Six Million Dollar Weirdo:

Horror Amor me elvanto y el anhelo de volverte a encontrar se convierte…
Love Transmissions Love transmissions Veo tu linda cara de angel Entre nube…

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Day 365: Here it is! The end of my quest. And, you know, I've been thinking.

I've been thinking about this dumb thing I've been doing. "vlogging a comments section" as one person gracefully put it. Why did I do it? What have I got out of it? I don't know. It was nice to go back and see how much I've changed, though. This was a big year for me. Eventful, stressful, joyous, painful. I suppose every year is, but this one especially so. I've gone from being an awkward High School student to an awkward college student. Looking back on all my old comments, I'm remembering things I thought I had forgotten. High School seems like a distant memory, and boy have I changed, both physically and mentally. Physically, I cut my hair to a manageable size, and now I have these goofy scraggly muttonchops I've come to love. I look like an old-timey cartoonish British General. I've been exercising and eating less, so I'm much healthier, though I'm still by no means skinny. It's an ongoing process. Mentally, I feel like a different person than the one who began this quest so many days ago. I've grown and matured in ways I never would have predicted. I'm in a much better mental and emotional state here at the end than I was at the beginning. Good times and bad times have come my way and I think I've come out the other side a better person.

I've been thinking about Brodyquest and the quest that inspired mine. It's a nonsensical video, you know? Adrian Brody gets up for a normal day, goes on a walk, and gets replicated over the universe after a series of escalations. But hiding down there was some guy, leaving these little personal comments every day for a year. A little peek into his life. Just like the video, there was no greater meaning to it, but it felt nice to see that dedication to something so nonsensical. There's something comforting about putting stock into the meaningless, a wholesome and plain fulfillment.

I've been thinking about Give Up on Your Dreams of Becoming a Baker. It's the video I was originally going to do this on, but the comments section was too small. I couldn't justify to myself the idea of just flooding it with whatever the heck this is. But, I wanted to choose it because I knew the year ahead of me would be a big one. It's a video, in actuality, about pursuing your dreams, but I've come to the realization that I'm not sure what my dreams are. I know I have skill, I have talent, and I have the motivation to use it. I know I want to use it to help people. But I didn't know what it was. Over this year, I didn't find a full answer to that yet, but I came to grips with it. I don't need a grand vision and a master plan. I just need to work towards applying my skills to make the world a better place, and that's what I plan on doing with my major.

I've been thinking about this video. I think it is a more fitting video for the quest than Give Up on Your Dreams of Becoming a Baker. Not unlike the original Brodyquest before it, it's just a goofy video, this one about a guy with a glorious laugh and some situational irony. It doesn't have some big point to it except to make you laugh. I think that's beautiful, to have something with no greater meaning except to improve the day of whoever sees it. Likewise, and like the original quest before mine, I hope my quest has done that for most people who see it, even if it's just as an odd curiosity to be passed by as you get lost in this vast, beautiful, and strange online world we have created for ourselves.

I've been thinking about all of you. The internet has a rightfully gained reputation as a wretched hive of scum and villainy. I was prepared for confusion, judgment, and hostility. Overall, though, you've been great internet people to meet. It has been nice intersecting a portion of my time with your's, even the ones who were insistent that I should stop. We are, on the whole, a much better collective of people than we give ourselves credit for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the encouraging words, strangers. Today goes to you handful of madlads who have seen both the beginning and the end of this quest. It's just a scroll down, but it's also an entire long year of a life. I don't know why you're reading it, but I don't know why I'm writing it, and there's a neat unity there, that we're all out here in this insane life, together.

I've been thinking about the future. It is, as ever, uncertain. I feel like I'm leaving you all on a cliffhanger! College campus has shut down, a pandemic rages through my country, and I don't know what shape my future will yet take. I'm sorry about that. If I could cast some kind of augury spell for you, I would! But I feel good about whatever comes next, and I think that's a good ending to leave us on.

so, tl;dr, it's over, and it was pointless but maybe that's the point. Thank you for being here. Have a nice life, everyone, and I'll try to do the same. Continue being great.

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LaToya Forever

This guy is going places


Damn this comment ages better than the wine my uncle drinks before yelling and blaming everyone else for his fuck ups

PikariocrafTF 2

And places he went


Damn he went places

The Last

how- how did she know

Cara Bom Demais

Well he did

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Little did he know that jerk was Kevin punt




RIP Terry.

Mathias Brehm

Oh god... What if though?

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