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Jah will be there
by Sizzla

ooh girl you know, your mine
all the days, of my life
ooooh, yea
yes I'll care for you, I'll be there for you
theres no need to worry, yours my one and only

From the first time that I spot you girl
hey I really need you in my world
ya mama kiss you on the day you birth
I'm gonna love you all the days of this earth
you have a finess of style
bow legs and you beautiful eyes
baby girl, you takes away all my pain
whenever time you smile

yes I care for you, I'l be there for you
they dont need to worry, your mines and only
yes I care for you, I'l be there for you
they dont need to worry

baby love I'm gonna show you that
your one in a million
and when the road is tough, a we keep on living
girl and all my love, I'll always be giving it
I'm singin so long, amonsg these survillians
even though you hesitate some time
be strong and meditate good times
???????? desperate times
baby girl we need no seperate times

all the days, of my life
and if you do wrong things wey get mi vex now
mek mi??? everytime you step out
keep you so close, you will never feel left out
as the man, mek yuh di woman of my house
you mean so much to me, more than words can say
living and learning of things about u everyday
so let me take you by your arms, and fly away

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Majda El Yousfi

on Woman I Need You

african woman......i need you.i love bb

Majda El Yousfi

on Psalms 121

i like

Babacar Mbaye

on Agriculture and Education

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