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Ska-P Lyrics

Hablo de españa y me lleno de emocion
Y es que te llevo muy dentro del corazon
Castanuelas, toros y verbenas
Mi espana, la tierra del honor

Esta es la espana del felipe y del aznar
La españa democratica del gal
La españa de la estafa immobiliaria
La delincuencia en la alta sociedad
Politicuchos que se inflan a robar
Los asesinos hoy vuelven a torear
Espana, el pais de la patrana
De trapicheros, pelotazos y demas

Y aqui no pasa nada, nos comemos la tostada
Ni siquiera te levantes del sofá
Vaya decepción en la manifestación
Solamente han ido los antidisturbios

Si, jesulin, españa es asi, la tierra donde yo naci
Si, jesulin, españa es asi, que sepas que vamos a por ti

Y son curritos que no pueden ni currar
Negociaciones dignas de un nehandertal
Trabajadores paguando los errores
Como siempre, al que no tiene hay que explotar

Somos europa, no nos podemos quejar
Hemos entrado en el gran capital
Imperialismo que devora tu nevera
Y la vaselina en el culo bien "unta"

Y aqui no pasa nada, nos comemos la tostada
Ni siquiera te levantes del sofa
Vaya decepcion en la manifestacion
Solamente han ido los antidisturbios

Si, jesulin, españa es asi, la tierra donde yo naci
Si, jesulin, españa es asi, que sepas que vamos a por ti


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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


2 years have passed, but i guess is better late than never.
(helped by google translator, if theres something unclear just say it.)

I speak of Spain and I am filled with emotion
and it's that I take (have) you deep inside the heart
castanets, bulls and verbenas (verbena is something like a fair)
my Spain, the land the honor.

This is the Spain of Felipe and Aznar, (old spanish presidents)
the democratic Spain of the Gal, (Gal was a terrorist group promoted by the goverment)
the Spain of the real estate scam, (there was a lot of speculation with real state)
crime in high society.

Politicuchos that steal a lot ("politicuchos" is a scornful way of saying "politicians")
murderers go back to bullfighting (against bullfighters)
Spain, the country of the hoax
of trapicheros, pelotazos and others. ("trapicheos" and "pelotazos" are fiddle, fraud, cheating...)

And here nothing happens, we eat the toast, you do not even get up from the couch. (you eat the toast means "you swallow al this shit)
Great disappointment in the protest march, only the riot police have gone.

YES, JESULÍN, Spain is like that, the land where I was born. (Jesulin was a somehow ridiculus bullfighter)
YES, JESULÍN, Spain is like that, so you know we're going after you.

And they are curritos that can not even work ("curritos" are low cualified workers)
negotiations worthy of a Nehandertal
workers paying for mistakes
As always, who does not have to exploit. (workers dont have anyone to exploit so they are the ones exploited)

We are Europe, we can not complain
we have entered the big capital
imperialism that devours your fridge
and Vaseline in the ass well "untá" ("unta" is "smeared", the proper word is "untada, they are saying politicians are fucking us)

And here nothing happens ...
I recomend you to listen two other good songs from this group.
Ska-p El vals del obrero
Ska-p Legalizacion

Cheers from Spain!

PS: The group name is a pun with the word "ska" combined with a "p" which phonetically says "escape" which means (obviously) escape, get away, flee etc.

All comments from YouTube:

lzr v lzr v

2021 y sigio escuchando y españa no a cambian vamos a peor

Joaquín Morillo Blanco

Si es lo mismo


Que razon tienen. Canciones llenas de significado. Magnifico!

Alberto Alvarez

Esto podria ser nuestro himno perfectamente.....


Toda la musica de los 80, La polla record, S.a, eskorbuto, mcd, etc etc es valida hoy en dia, eso es señal que no hemos avanzado nada….

Qatre Smokoza

@Sylwester Ziarno O kurwa XD No siema. Zdrowia dużo życzę ^^

Sylwester Ziarno

@Qatre Smokoza o kurwa nastepny polak?zdrowia

Qatre Smokoza

@Sylwester Ziarno A mucho peor. Saludos de Polonia.

Sylwester Ziarno

@Qatre Smokoza Y encima vamos a peor

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Primitive Band

Hello form Bulgaria, guys! I heard this song for the first time when i was maybe 8-9 years old. My uncle worked in Spain for a while and he brought a mixtape of Spanish ska when he came back home. This particular song got stuck in my head and for years I tried to find it on the internet, but I didn't know its or the band's name. As you see I eventually found it, the funny thing is that I found the song while sitting in a sports bar. The bar was filled with skinheads and the bartender was playing Ska-P. And those skinheads were enjoying the music and dancing to it. It seems that they didn't know about the band's political views. I took the opportunity to write down the band and the song's names and walked out of the bar, because those bastards were pretty drunk and touchy.

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