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If a Ghost Walks Out
Skeletons With Flesh On Them Lyrics

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Yuriy the russian boi

Decided to try translating it to russian and make it sound a bit more poetic :)
Положи меня
Положи меня
Положи меня в гроб

Сегодня ночью меня в гроб положи
А то уже умираю внутри
Кожа бледна и так холодна
Краснеем как цветущие розы

Чёрные глаза встречаются в ночи
Мы в ней живём, на звёзды смотри
Пустое сердце не может никому доверять
Мы все одиноки, пока время не начнёт нас в пыль превращать


polish translation
polskie tłumaczenie:

Umieść mnie dzisiaj w mojej trumnie
Bo już umieram w środku
Blada skóra tak zimna w dotyku
Jak róża w rozkwicie, kiedy się rumienimy

Ciemne oczy spotykają się pod niebem
Gwiazdy zgasły, my jesteśmy żywi w nocy
Moje puste serce uważa, że ​​zbyt trudno zaufać
Jesteśmy sami, dopóki nie obrócimy się z powrotem w proch

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Elvis Depressedly

"Old" Crystal Castles vibe right here, love it!
Also yeah, Pongsifu outro.

Mariana Hidden

i always felt like Goth and Suffocattion were siblings songs lol

Barbara Castrejon

So true, it reminds me like if "black panther" and "vanished" form old CC had a child 😚


"vibe" or complete ripoff lol

Celestial Draconis

Shit you're right, I wondered why it sounded so familiar, and it literally sounds like the Crystal Castles I grew up with.

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Oh god, this song... I used to hear it at the subway everyday going to my theater classes, at the other side of city in 2016. Unfortunately life took a different path and I ended up to science college instead of going to the arts world, but everytime I hear Goth I can feel exactly what I felt back these days, I still can feel myself on the subway at 12pm looking to the city below by the train windows and seeing how life is magic and fcking beautiful.

~ 𝓔𝓿𝓪 ~

Wow, is very poetic and beautiful!

María Prado


Josie’s Adventure

why did you change your mind?

Alex Kvaskov

thank god you went into science instead of art

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