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If a Ghost Walks Out
Skeletons With Flesh On Them Lyrics

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Gam gam Da best

This is the winner comment of 2023!

Most amazingly stup1d comment of the year and there is still 5 1/2 months left in this year… but there’s no possibility for you to be surpassed.

True grandparents do that?

My grandma was a grandma to me and my 9 siblings. My aunt had 13 kids. My uncle has 9 children and my other aunt has 2 kids.

Grandma would take ALL of us together for weekends. We would all leave 100% positive we were her favorite grandkid.

That woman had a gift to love like no one I’ve ever known before or since. I’m a grandma now. My oldest grandchild is 14… I pray I am doing 1/2 as well as my grandmother did for me.

With that said, not one of my grandma’s grandchildren or great grandchildren of great, great grandchildren has ever been visited.

It’s probably bc she’s busy in heaven. It’s absolutely NOT bc she wasn’t TRUE.

What an asinine statement to make.

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I can't tell if this is scary or wholesome


Its wholesome


​​@Keane_Playz No, its creepy


​@YourEverydayLemonFriend its both


@YourEverydayLemonFriend Wdym his grandpa A.K.A
"Pawpaw"s spirit visited him

Allison E

The dead don't visit us sorry😔 the only spirits that roam the earth are the nephilim spirits who weren't fully human so they didn't die, not like we do, they are left to roam the earth messing with us and looking for a body to inhabbit(that doesn't necessarily mean posses btw) the cruelest thing I think they do is making us think our loved ones are visiting us🥺 they belong to the god of this world DO NOT INTERACT WITH THEM!! I pray for protection for that little boy iJN the only name that is higher than anything in, above and under the earth🙏 God bless you all iJN🙏💖

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Small children are more sensitive to the spirit’s because they are pure. This is so sweet!


Demons imitate loved ones as a mean too gain a foothold into ones life

Iain Fraser

No they aren’t

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Joanie Otey

Rest in peace I’m glad you got to see your granbaby again🕊️

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