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Space Between the Blades of a Fan
Skeletons With Flesh On Them Lyrics

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another funny comment because we'll pin that one (nepotism rizz)


happy Space Skeletor noices

Joseph LaVine

If you really think about it Trazyn is just a warhammer fan
1. He doesn’t like leaving his house
2. He collects guys he thinks look cool
3. He makes them fight for his enjoyment


Yeah your right

Heinz Thorvald

That's why he's the best character.

sir algernon the git

There's a senario in the game mechanicus where you actually find a bunch of necron minis

Karak Sonen

@sir algernon the git And anything other than to collect them gives you a negative outcome. Destroying them being the worst.

Bruno Marić


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Mr Haast

It's funny how the most emotionless race in 40k have the funniest memes

Overlord Inquisitor

They flex on you by sheer existence

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