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Space Between the Blades of a Fan
Skeletons With Flesh On Them Lyrics

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I've just started my fist warhammer models and I thought they looked good till I watched this video this is next level skill set you have👌 I know you've probably been doing it years but I'm literally blown away by how accurate you are. What would you say is the best detail brush to buy? Thanks in advance Iain

The Brush and Boltgun

Cheers Iain, very much appreciated! :) To be honest I’ve always used the same brushes (or similar), I have an old citadel medium layer brush I use for splotting on shades and contrasts, a Citadel Medium Layer Brush for painting generally, then a Small Layer Brush and an Army Painter Wargamer Character Brush for details. :) They’ve always been sound for me, though I know loads of people who use a variety of different brushes.

I have some of their new synthetic brushes to try, but not taken the plunge yet 🤣


Well done!! I learn something from every painter's technique. Especially with commentary and close ups on the brush work. Thanks for your help.

The Brush and Boltgun

Cheers Pete, very much appreciated! :) You’re most welcome, I hope some of the other videos are of use too. :)


I was thinking of painting the new Space Marines as a Blood Angels successor Chapter, now I know which one I'm going for! Thanks Rob!

The Brush and Boltgun

Waheeey! Cheers Nortic111. I think they're a great looking chapter, close enough to have the Blood Angels vibe, and different enough to make them more unique. God choice! :-)


This box set is wild. Nice job on the necron too :0


Пушечный покрас!!! Красава!!!

The Brush and Boltgun

Cheers Grelt, very much appreciated! :-). Yeah, I'm really impressed with every miniature I've built so far. LOVE the bikes! :-)

Edward Dickinson

Thanks dude :) I'm kinda new to painting and I'm working out the order of how I'll approach my captain. This has been really helpful even if mine'll be grimdark-ish ultramarine :D

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