Communication Breakdown
Skew Siskin Lyrics

It's hard work to live easy
Sometimes it seems to be unreachable
But I try to face tomorrow
Another time, another place

Here we are talking again
Didn't get far and didn't get it quite right
Will it change? Is there an end?
Fight the fear, made up my mind because I'm stuck in here
Communication breakdown
Communication breakdown

Devastation as soon as you've walked away
Never justified the reasons why
But I love 'til my dying day
Nature speaks in symbols and signs
In symbols and signs

Communication breakdown
Communication breakdown

Still think about you, remember every word
The touch of hands in moments of lust
Oh, it killed me when you pushed the sword
And broke the spell of endless trust
Of endless trust

Communication breakdown
Communication breakdown

Here we are at the depth of our broken minds
Who knows the answers of all the things
Let me fix your wings
Let me fix your wings

I tried to forget you and push you away
There's no turnin' back, you've made me play your way
Your fatal appeal leaves its trace in my mind
Attraction's your law and the reason I'm blind
Make me believe, make me believe
I'm dreaming away, I'm dreaming away

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