Kill Everything
Skin (Deborah Anne Dyer) Lyrics

There's no point in being careful
I'll burn bridges anyway

There's no point in talking vicious
(I've) nothing cutting left to say

I've achieved my own survival
I've refined my own sweet hell

There's no point in craving beauty
When you'll tear me anyhow

If I look you in the eye
I swear I'll die
'Cos you kill everything you love

Should I scar my face
To find my peace
While you kill everything you love

There's no point in sitting silent
There's no reason to stay calm

I've no means to look resentful
('Cos) everybody you will charm

(I'm) crowded out by stupid duty
Smothered dead by your distain

There's no point in shouting angry
('Cos) there's no reason i should stay

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What an incredible song. Not sure how I missed this one. Skin and Skunk Anansie should have been so much bigger

Tom Godheart

@Nina B. never ever forget this amazing night with her...

Tamara Repka

@Tom Godheart ))

Chris V

she was pretty big. I love her songs but she lacks the range of true greatness; most songs sound a bit the same. even if its good.



Simone P.

@Tom Godheart n.

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Irina Grinkova

Очень крутая композиция, сразу зацепила - услышала в Империи волков, сразу влюбилась и в Skin тоже. Она для меня открытие!

Andrew Turvill

Loved her for years but missed this song falling in love with it

Sean Canavan

Beta than cilla black


somehow I missed it too and it's brilliant!

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