Skinny Puppy Lyrics

Cannot touch me, you fool
I'm not one of you

You cannot touch me, you fool
I'm not one of you

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BradleyGlenn Pannolino

when i got this album (back then ya bought actual physical CDs - back in the dark ages) it was the first computer interactive CD I ever saw in my life. I LOVED this band but knew nothing about em til' i popped that CD into my comp and got deluged with all this crude but ahead of its time graphics and tidbits about the band and all this minutiae


@Gremlin AfterMidnight Brap was a word that the band used as a verb meaning to "get high, plug in electronic instruments, and play"


BradleyGlenn Pannolino cool : ) ✊️☺️🐛

rob jabbaz


blake coffey

Gremlin AfterMidnight it stands for...getting together...hooking up electronically...getting high qnd recording....brap

blake coffey

Another level is where this bqnd dwells...noone can touch them. Period

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Greg Demetri

I heard this album on mushrooms once it was incredible.


An epic example of how a band can both warm and warp your mind and sound like they come from the same out-of-this-universe realm that is Skinny Puppy. This is like the eye of the hurricane.. you know the beautiful storm surrounds but this respite is all contained in the same fury.


You pretty much nailed it. The beauty and art with Skinny Puppy is those brief fleeting moments of total lush transcendence between and within the harsh grating aural rape


this is one of the spookiest albums i have ever heard. remember this from high school in 1999.

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