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Skinny Puppy Lyrics

This'll get on your nerves
War torn
Night harms right away
??? featureless fear
Aryan yahoo
Mission sliver
Never saw sweet problems
Prison world
Carry your vast disease
Carry your vast disease
Victim of the world
??? climb
And the base fate
This week
Coming fate
Burning up ??? gas
Fix, fix, fix
Fear turning your spurning words
Withdrawal feeling burning turning furning fist
In the face
In the face
In the face
In the face
In the flame
Normal destination
Normal destination
??? to forget
Better off dead
Better off dead
Aryan stillborn
Aryan yahoo
Really fucking
Hey, over there
With your normal hair
With your normal place
You're fucked
Wait it out
Go away
Burning up in ??? gas
Express ???
Then rest
What? Hahaha distortion ugliness
Walls torn
??? in your brain
Never caught
Waiting, waiting
Aryan yahoo you're baiting me
Go ahead
You're baiting is the same
Must remember not to become ???
??? overcome
Wider stigma
Confess go ???
What are you on, son
What do you mean
You become
Everything ??? cover
I'm alive
I'm alive
Aryan yahoo
What you gonna do
When you don't remember
Bastard using you
Force fed crackers


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Comments from YouTube:

Vague Desire

The Jesus wept part is from that movie Hellraiser love it 😏


The earth is literally flat.

Ragland James

@TheDigital216 duh! 🙄😑
But the sample was from Hellraiser, before Frank got dismembered.


THE JESUS WEPT PART, is from the shortest verse in the Bible , "Jesus Wept"


Brothers should be close don't you think?


And "Brothers should be close, don't you think?" is from Scanners!

No Need

TL;DR: the comments take the obvious political turn, and become a cesspit of insults. It's pretty much all the SAME insult, too, so don't bother scrolling.


"You're stupid because you're a trump supporter! Corporate pawn!"
"You're a libtard! Corporate pawn!"
And then "REEEEEEEEEE" from both sides.

Cho CaMon

2020 best <3 absolute legend

Nebulae Complex

The very foundations of electro-industrial.

Justin Jones

PePpEr tickled Georgie's nose while playing this song

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