Skinny Puppy Lyrics

a leech passing unseen
kicked in mouth firm will prove sex slave
all encomapsses high gets you by
broken glass in a crystal blown problem room
and one day you will have no one to run to
self- self satisfier burns the genitals down no sensation
promise your heart to the (?slut who last slept?) in your bed
in her head
in your head
in my head
in my head
where it must have some reason
in my head
in all I said
in his head
all I said
all I said
(layered in the background throught the rest of the track ogre repeats: nowhere to run to)
one of two looks back wonder which is real
and the naked arm that heals the jaw
you will see the truth so what
your gift is misused your gift is misused
your gift your gift is a curse of it all
(???...curse when did this moon call underlaying towards the door underlaying ???...)
when it is done you will have no one to run to
no one to run to

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Comments from YouTube:

Paul Paradis

No comments on this? This, along with Mirror Saw, are, for me, the pinnacle of what Skinny Puppy achieved. I've been listening to this basically since it was released, and nothing has ever touched this.

Patrick R

C'mon man.. Nothing touches Worlock..


It's pretty mind altering.

Derek Cyman

@Eric Johnson yeees

Tom Relik

Absolutely one of the most intense pieces of music. Last Rights was my first Skinny Puppy album back in the mid 90's and this is the standout track.

Eric Johnson

My favorite all time SP piece is Mirror Saw. Excellent.


This is badass. I love the version on back and forth 3&4 w the drum tracks off to show what's going on in the background...and its amazing. BADASS

Derek Cyman

Still listening

Cynthia Novoselsky

The best artwork apart from Geiger


Too scared to comment☠Saw too dark park and last rites tours back in the day

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