Skinny Puppy Lyrics

Yeah were gonna all see
A truth born sayer or a weapon to deceive
Turn of a switch if you think you still can dream
A calculated risk for all sheep while sleeping
I challenge you to take a hard look
At just what's creeping there behind their truth
A salivating, toothless, crooked root thang
Is sucking on and on gag gag
Got knife back it up fight gotta find a reason to slice in
Can't forget the piece of the pie
A poison we can't get away from
Got a knife back a nation feel the class system closing in

Like an abscess in the back of the neck
Gotta keep the mind on intention
Radiate feeling baked catch the high high
Sure this season seems so clean
A filibuster dusting all the cesium leaves
A low grade dose of a rabbit up the sleeve
A card trick release from the pretty fuel fleas
I'm getting sick from the way we all look
In the face of annihilation under a jack boot
An ass ripping particle base disguise
Take me back to times of black plague lies
Radiate feeling baked catch the high high
Make it up pass the buck fuck fuck


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"Industrial music, once you open up to it, you will forever have a craving." I'm 40 and I can confirm!

Richard Turner

I'll be 42 in a month! Lol. Musical taste never goes away. Just keeps expanding!


This is like music from the 3000s...


Puppy is hands down one of the best bands ever in my opinion. Electro industrial is sublime. The combination of lyrics and programming transports me. They are like a celebration and a dirge for humanity all at once. It's like humanity's contemporary soundtrack.

Alexandre Ribeiro

Hello Friend. Let me introduce. Alexandre Ribeiro Nishida. I heard the first Skinny Puppy at 17 years old. Your comment was touching. Congratulations


First industrial band I listened is rammstein and now I listen KMFDM, skinny puppy, ministry,oomph, megaherz, die krupps, turmion kätilöt, samael and these are just some of bands I listen to.

haleigh bunting

Rabies will always be the best album. I'm still set on seeing them in February at the Troc

Gabby B

I got that album for Christmas and I love it!

Charles Hart

If I am going to use torture its going to be Captian BeefHeart Trout Mask Replica. If you can sit through the whole album and not want to off yourself. You will get a golf clap from me.

Mission Control

Skinny Puppy: still and forever the best, after all these years.

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