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Tearing Down The Wall
by Skrewdriver

It's been a long wait now, 1945
Lot of people've paid for it with their lives
Those people have risked it, to unite their blood
To tear it down, if only they could

Tearing down the wall
Got to see it fall

Strength of Europe's people, gave reds their ( ? )
Now Europe starts to hear, its people's cries
The Allies are playing with European blood
It seems like a game of chess, from where I'm stood

(Repeat Chorus)

Middle Eight:
We're tearing, yeah tearing, tearing down the wall
Got to, got to, we've got to see it fall
We're tearing, we're tearing, tearing down the wall
We've got to, we've got to, we've got to see it fall

It's been there for too long, try to tear it down
Lots of Marxist strongholds all around
European people, should reign in peace
Not be controlled by the terror from the East

(Repeat Chorus) x2

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Comments from YouTube:

Susan Gibson

Skrewdriver is really underated. Hope everyone is doing alright during this crisis! 💖  Stay Strong

simon beardsley

Respect and take care 👍🍺


ISD had such a bassy voice! Brilliant song ! Great lead guitar by Glenn Jones on this ! Somewhat similar to a Lynyrd Skynyrd song !

Asa George

Have you heard their Skynyrd covers?


Built up, knocked down. Couldn’t relate more to any other four words

Travis Kehler


valerie c.

An old wp bf gave me some five word advice for police contact - "I have nothing to say" Tuck that away for a rainy day. It works too btw.

David Mcmartin

I wish lynard skynard could of covered this!!!

valerie c.

Thank You!! This song brings tears to my eyes.

Susan Gibson

@SeisSieteTresAWSF What's the matter if she is mate?

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