A Day In The Life
Skyzoo Lyrics

Infinitely caught in a weave of
Tryna dip around what they breed before you leave or
Climbing in and out of a scene they call elite or
Lining up whoever's between the world and me or
Me and the world whichever first when pronouncing it
Taught us "get enough for us all if you come out with it"
The background eat till it's gone if you all around with it
Tryna get a piece off the corner like quarter ouncing it
Caught up in the bounce of it where loyalty is all that it oughta' be
Like if I was to call and see if you down for it
Word to a dresser drawer burying what was found in it
Truly forever yours ever more if you doubted it
Ever more like more than you was ever surrounded with
To get involved makes you apart of the sound of it
No regret at the door and no announcing it
Fucking with whatever you about with it

Forever in a day forever in a day
100 on the line and never will it stray
100 on the line and never will it stray
100 on the line however we should aim
Forever in a day

Forever ever forever ever
With short change measures in all day leathers
And honor's like forever ever forever ever
Your alibi know to keep it Andre clever
And being on mean we ignored what all they left us
And it starts out being as on as Rae Sremmurd
Bare minimum the feeling of ceilings that never left us
But the chicken box will kick off the top for whatever weather
For the win of it corner get loud they caught wind of it
And everybody caught in the sound that you was whispering
Send something flying around to help them get in it
Or how that's still yours if your name ain't on the end of it
Loyalty is priceless jewelry isn't
Give or take depending on what type of jewelry you're given
In a space where the script is stuck to like a pivot
If you knew us then you knew we was with it when it's
Forever in a day

Forever in a day forever in a day
100 on the line and never will it stray
100 on the line and never will it stray
100 on the line however we should aim
Forever in a day

Broad day like jumping out in the way
When one is jumping up outta the front and finding it's aim
Or divying a bag with who you're beside every day
And splitting points like you dotted your name
'Cause know that all of these green lives that used to be here
Matter like these black lives that these blue lives shoot outta fear
So all these green lives used over here
Was 'posed to set it where never would a second set of shooters appear
The first set is just the usual here
It makes sense as much as it kinda don't but that's new to who where?
The prestige of feeling like you're who they let breathe
Due to abag that you shouldn't have it just seems
Like more than they're letting on to
Finger fucking money resorts to thinking that it adores you
Whatever you make of it make it where it goes around with you
In light of where all these go arounds put you forever in a day

Written by: Gregory Taylor

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Mike O

damn that beat 9th you did it again!!!


Still rocking this in 2017 !!!! 💋😻😘


Yo wtf, dis iz HYPE!

Minista Head

@BigRicTheMc 9th Wonder is a Producer! One of the greatest nowadays.


This is HipHop!!!!!!!!


every1 should tell 1 person about music like this




Dope Song ¹²³¹²³¹²³¹²³

jameson james

word upppppppp!!

Sir Pumpernickel

How come they don't play this shit on da radio?!! This i can bump all day!

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