Give It Up
Skyzoo Lyrics

Still call me S-K-Y-Z-O-O, say nobody did it closer
They was climbing from below him
And they clocking where I'm throwing like I got it for the lower
Turn this room into a lobby like I got this wide and open, ha

Bottom line is give and go, riding high, ceiling low
Can't nobody dub it so I'm five alive kicking flows
Call me top five, live and die by the shit I wrote
Bitches swinging by like let me ride or let me live alone
Fitteds on my off day, basements is all gray
Louis pouch toothpicks, quotables is Andre
Wrote about the hall way, flow is in and out
If they speaking on my sneakers then they foaming at the mouth

Say I did it for the borough, how we looking? How we looking?
Ain't no dancing in that kitchen, if they cooking then they cooking
Say they handle how you get it wit no looking when you looking
Tell 'em hands is out the window when I'm pushing what I'm pushing

On it like a replay, run this like a relay
Do it for where we stay, we be on that give it up
Made it looking easy, promise when you see me

Do it for where we stay, we be on that give it up
Shorty know how we play, took that over easy
Do it for where we stay, we be on that give it up
Do it for where we stay, we be on that give it up
We be on that give it up, we be on that give it up

Day to day we on it, my day to days is flawless
When they was waiting for Jordans I vacay'ed wit Jordan
My gateway was retarded, G4's is 10 a go
Google me and 5 world series show, really though

Clearly though Hennessy and spade is all we cheering fo'
Long as A is wit me I'll be in here till they clear the flo'
Playing now or never wit whoever got her clear to blow
There we go, know your way around like you been here befo'

Too much of a better thing but said that if we got it
We would do it up for everything and never be without it
We would do it how they never did and bet you if you doubt it
That we true enough to rep it and forever be about it, ha

'Bout it like a Miller, 'bout it, 'bout it like for realla
Went spurs wit the ace and poured a bottle out for Dilla
How they serving off this tray, know we out here full of winners
Got her slurred off the base like this bottom bout to kill her

And I'm in, new sneakers, few divas with 2 seaters
'Cause swag attracts swag, believe us
Back track when you see us, money talks in echoes
Never feared the moment, I'm more so on my Melo

Or more so Gapetto, flying everywhere
Tear a lining in the air, dump the guts from my 'Rello
It's Dj Prince, make your girl hit falsettos
Dreaming to be on my team, I told her hell no

Double R my L-O, monogram where the loops at
Living for whatever, it's whatever to recoup that
Guessing that you knew that on it from the jump
Said I'm fly enough to look like I just tossed 'em out the trunk

And you call it what you want 'cause all we do is live it up
Signature style what we bringing 'bruh, give it up
Fly guy etiquette, ride by repping it
Do it how these mu'fuckas never did, give it up

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the album bumps!


BOOMTRAP!!! Love !llmind's new sound!

wayne beardsley

most underrated rapper there is in my opinion, and i trust my knowledgeable hip hop opinions

Afari Asare-Mintah

dj prince shud rap more. if he already does, i wanna hear it

Poo-P Wong

I got the CD :D I dont really like this particular track but the rest is amazing.


skyzoo is too dope

voedsel pakkett


Nico S

Skyzoo is one of the most better emcees from these years

Da Original

Okok I see you with the blue jays fitted big respect from Toronto 🙌🏼✨🇨🇦


i love this damn beat! fuuuuuck

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