Parade Me
Skyzoo Lyrics

They trynna parade me, they trynna parade me
Whether their intentions are to pose or to praise me
We just getting started baby all of this is crazy
But tell them I don't mind because none of that will change me
So we can celebrate it (hey) we can celebrate it
So we can celebrate it (hey) we can celebrate it
So we can celebrate it (hey) we can celebrate it
So we can celebrate it (hey) we can celebrate it
They trynna parade me
My pen theory is fine as Amel Larrieux
On the page you can see that design all up in the groove
Off the gauge you can see how I'm liable to get it through
When it plays you would think you outside of my living room
None more vivid or more in it to talk with it
When it's all finished the talk did it I'm all in it
When they talk get em they bout him like "pa listen
Son is all product, the floor about him just all shifted"
I mean, call it a crisis of leadership, but he was just
Carrying the load for the Joe's that wanted to see us win
I'm more of the Stringer role
My part is to sling it low
From beyond beyond just keep me off the ringer yo
Audience becomes the keepers of the sing alongs
Back and forth wording
Call it catalog turbans
Wrap around it if you will
Say I'm back to y'all service
Tell em my enthusiasms where the curb is

The flow I'm on is full of my addiction if you know the god
You know that it looks like Univision baby toast to y'all
You know if it move you moving with it so you know you all
Share and share alike, share the light if it should go to y'all
Protocol, follow that, follow like you follow @'s
You follow Patron with Patron while I follow Yak
You follow me home I get home you a block in back
My hood know I roam like my phone got a model app
Back to what I'm in this for
Ask em what my business on
They know that I rhyme like none alive like I ain't lived before
They know that I rhyme that other side and what I'm sitting on
They know when I rhyme it's like they rhyme, they on this accord
Pocket flow, plugged it off the leg and I ain't miss a cork
Dip between the bass, you see the bass, I ain't miss a cord
Labels off the fruitage
I'm lyrically the truest
The best around now to jump into this

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The memories of chillin and cruisin around the city to this song. I love it. Sky is way underrated.

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