Range Rover Rhythm
Skyzoo Lyrics

Holla like whatever, all we needed was a reason
All this money they been showing
They got reasons through the ceiling
All we wanted was a part, all this seeing is believing
From the jump its from the heart, pardon we wit all this breathing

All this anticipation, all this keeping this shit even
All these hands in the way when all they reaching is beneath 'em
All these plans we done made, all we see is what we keeping
All you standing in the way is only leading us to be it

Bet whatever on the vision if they get it then they on it
If they don't but they close enough to see us and adore it
Let 'em watch from over there, let 'em watch and know we here
Better dreams while we up, better watches for your stares

Call it Range Rover rhythm and may we go and get 'em
At the will of what we on and may we blow the engines
May it be just what we want and may it all glitter
Just the same as what we saw
'Cause what we saw was fucking splendid

All the scenery they threw us, easy to influence
Nothing 'bout us changed so you can leave us if you knew us
Jumping out a Range had us dreaming to maneuver
And mu'fuckas tryin' to brand new us

Range Rover rhythm, corner store signature
I don't do it for me, I do it for the liquor store
Said we knew what it be, knew it what's about
Tryin' to 80 thou' somethin' 'fore we out

(And all we know is)
How the sweetest dream couldn't be anymore heinous
Promise if you sleeping you'll see where we all aiming
'Cause dreaming is all tainted but we was on that anyway

Should've never offered us to get a taste
Good to enough to want it on a bigger plate
Climbing thru a kitchen tryna get a plate
Either find a way or go and drill away

Living like, 400 a pair, yea my Penny's straight
Living like the ending was beginning with a get a way
Another day, another dollar, we just tryna get a day
And pull a whole decade within a day

Promise you my Penny straight
Straight enough to '95 Hardaway penetrate
And open up a lane if they don't give a lane
Lanes open bigger for that Range Rover rhythm

Tryin' to open up the hood and put a name on that engine
If it go misunderstood, I'll remain on my pivot
For a steering wheel draped in a vision

Range Rover rhythm, corner store signature
I don't do it for me, I do it for the liquor store
Said we knew what it be, knew it what's about
Tryin' to 80 thou' somethin' 'fore we out

Hospital days, reflecting when my man laid up
On a uptown hot block he got his side sprayed up
I saw his life slippin' on the day in question
I told him I would've went wit him, thank god he ain't listen

Reminiscing over Henny and all of them pictures
We ride around now knowing we're probably different
And how it sounds now, know me as part of the feeling
I gave it life, muthafuck a honorable mention

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Stephen The13th

Brooklyn's finest. Fam a collab between Zoo and Dave East would be a certified East.Coast banger. Peace from Htown. Let's get it Harden!

I Know More Than You.




one of the most talented and slept on artists in the game. #QUALITY #FGR

Terrance Adams

Absolute facts...

Alfred Jones

Patrice Altine top 5 underrated

Jason Hughes

True That!


Patrice Altine HE'S INCREDIBLY NICE!!!!

Kasey Channler

This is beautiful. The perfect lyrics and beat to compliment them.


Still Knocks in 2019 💨



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