The Beautiful Decay
Skyzoo Lyrics

(*Sample of The Sylvers' "How Love Hurts" plays throughout the song*)
We call this the beautiful decay
We call this the beautiful decay
We call this the beautiful decay
Majority rules, all of that is just a part of the rules
And a majority of us is just a part of the cool
I'm a part of how's it cut like I'm a part of the tool
And I'm the part that's in the front like "pardon me dude"
The authentic, the scriber for every one who subscribes
To dollar shots and Henny with chicken wings and fries
For $3.75 and what it took to get that
I paint it but don't drip that
Huh, OD with the pen on the low key
And I become the back drop, when you trippin in OT
The theme music for peddlers, call me what you want
But I leave room for measurers, I'm on it from the jump
And them? They cloud scopin, hopin the clouds open
I pen both sides, the poetry's now motion
Pray to God that the card hand halted
Beautiful decay is what we call it
[Hook - Skyzoo] - w/ ad libs
So beautiful, so gorgeous but so opposite of all this
So beautiful but so lawless and so left of what you call it
So beautiful, so gorgeous but so opposite of all this
So beautiful but so lawless and so left of what you call it
To my man Stack Bundles, God bless your life
To my peoples throughout Queens, God bless your life
I be Southside pushin it, Southside I'm good with it
B-K my home and Southside my cushionin
Live from the bottom, made it out alive. I survive from the bottom
But when pushin a ride, I don't slide on the bottom
Any part of the lane that's been part of the game
Is in the heart of my name
My growth is Now and Later and quarter water infused
Now take a look at what quarter waters could do
Tell 'em the best laws get X'd off as panaram
When next door is stretch raw and hand to hands
In junior high, I rocked pennies, rolled dice
And threw on the "Purple Tape" before I would go and write
Bapitized in it, clear as day
And that side of me came from the staircase
Freeze framin it, see how they keep playin it
It's picture perfect, you could go either way with it
So when they start runnin with somethin that's all casted
I brush off the front of my Jordans and walk past 'em
Please don't believe in everything that you listen to
Everything you listen to is everything they didn't do
Everything they didn't do is everything they want to say
Everything they want to say is everything you want to play (woo)
But for the beautiful, I could find the decay in it
I take the newest light bill and the pen to the basement and
Use the back of that light bill to write what I'm sayin and
Hope that it keep your lights on when you playin it
Yeah, the beautiful decay
B-K got the beautiful decay
Q-U got the beautiful decay
Money Makin got the beautiful decay
The Boogie Down got the beautiful decay
Staten Isle got the beautiful decay
Strong Isle got the beautiful decay
And Mount Vernon got the beautiful decay

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Maciej Kozyrski

9th Wonder is a genius! As like Preemo, Dilla,Pete Rock,Alchemist, Large Profesor and many more :) Peace!


sky is crazy smart with his barz, his oxymoron, soliloquys, metaphors are simply next level shit


Dammnnn... Already a classic. Every year this song gets much better. Memories. <3 :)

Earl 502

Real Hip Hop.


One of the most brilliant artists in hiphop history

Daniel I

Skyzoo - The Beautiful Decay
Kendrick Lamar - Westside Right on Time
Curren$y - All I Know
This sample never disappoints

Damn Shaw



Project Pat - Flexington also


great song and beat


mike dawg classic period feel you dawg

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