The Knowing
Skyzoo Lyrics

[Featuring: Jessy Wilson]

[Verse 1: Skyzoo]
Fitted like you're in front of a step and repeat
I'm listening to everyone tryna get you to leave
When they finished I'm over here, letting you breathe
And my fitted is all grey if you check underneath
Meaning I'm on that side, opposites attract right?
And I'm attracted to getting rid of your past like
Everything you need, you believe and you react like
No one ever did this, they had you underprivileged
Cause you was in your mirror for a reason though
6 for them murder heel's, I'm guessing you keeping those
Keeping those means you'll be breaking them in around the Stuy
The truth will prolly get you a win, I'm not surprised
They making you wanna leave, I got you thinking to stay
I'm here to get in your talk, they here to get in your way
I'm here to be what they wasn't, here to be why you love it
Hearing me got you buzzing but scared to give me a play

I knew it, you feel like you know-me
So you don't wanna leave here & feel like you owe-me
I already knew it, you feel like you know-me
You holding back just as much as you wanna show-me

[Jessy Wilson]
See the thing about it is
I don't know what it is
But I wanna find out
Why am I feeling like
I know you, I know you
I know you, yeah, I swear

[Verse 2: Skyzoo]
Your friends tell you let it go
Like "yea he fly but he'll never do the X & O's"
Maybe they're right, or maybe they have yet to know
Maybe tomorrow when we wake up you can tell em though
Pardon me, but, I be knowing baby, I be knowing
And you looking like you ain't looking for nothing they be throwing, right?
I agree, so when you tryna leave
Say the word and I'll follow words and follow leads
However it gotta be as long as you get to live a little
Henny straight, I promise you it'll benefit you
Feeling like you wanna see if it can get you there
Balmain mini dress, let it disappear
In your ear with the opposite of the man before me
I got no game its just some women understand my story
I'm wit it if you wit it
And drive back prepping you for all that you been missing


[Bridge: Skyzoo]
I swear that I know you
What you saying I already know
As much as I know you
I still wanna hear mo'
I swear that I know you
But I'm still all yours
I swear that I know you
I know you, I know you, yeah
I swear

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