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Slap Dee Lyrics

Its kingdeezo! Ricore! xyz!
now pay attention coz this style is very rare /
nina lapila so I prolly never gona be a player /
cheated on school, me and music had an afair /
hottest emcee not namwana waleya /
every time I spit flow the crowd go preach /
mwati kuli level tht I will never gona reach /
is it really possible tht I'll be chilling on a beach but still
have class of many rappers 2 teach /
so I ask myself ni daily nimazi funsa /
pretty girls line up munga ni miss unza /
the life I choose vinyau! Vimbuza! /
chilaka cha teacher webaposita ku Rufunsa /
I aint tryna be another topical person. /
is it bout me or my music in question /
you wana watch me Olo ufuno nvela nyimbo /
gimmie a yes or no let's keep this shit simple! /
i already told you am all about the B's (business) /
music and nice car all about the trees /
dont touch my dairy am all about the cheese /
could have made a doctor never had the fees /
musani pase kumi kumbukisani ngati mwandaba /
made histry yo zwangendaba /
like a Zulu Boy Flexing zindaba /
Put your girl on the floor like mwandaba (eeeh!)
inyan'ga nise munga jelly /
leka banyama ba lakwe munga rapp kelly /
nabe bafuno copa bai cope pama selly /
lelo navomela pano pachalo pali bangeli /
i know wat u thinking this hommie rapping too much
now /
is it just me or this hommie too tough /
and I think he over doing it the 16bars /
who he tryna be karess wana be Naz.(Non!) /
tryna put zed on the map /
theirs only 1 I (eye), aint talking fettywap /
make the djay act like drake, and play this shit back to
back /
l can mili on me, ama have 2 hit u back 2 back /
miss no recidor /
hommie its to die for /
one hand on the mic and another on the Bible /
n my flow sick bt the girls think its silly /
till I drop my pants and introduce em' to my WILLIE /
thts why nabwelela vilimba vankalisa zee! /
bakamba do something please vankala zee /
at don't just stand there dizo aya ma keys /
ona ma geez ona ma gelo ona ma kays /
BW2 (eehh!) Its Beedabuyutuu! Aaa! Bw2 ...its bw2!!!!
By mushiba and laz-bee

Writer(s): Slap Dee

Contributed by Madelyn M. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Exildah Ndekile

I started respecting the king after he did this hit xyz for life

Boyd muwowo

Still listening to this track👑👑👑

Chisanga Chipanta 2

King 👑

Ithamar Nyangu


Masha Ndawa

king dizo

Rita Ngosa

Masha my gee aka proof west

Fred Shakantu

2021 bw2

Emmanuel Kaluba


Chilumba Simuchembu


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