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by Slowdive

Richard how's life on your side?
Your love and all start to melt.
Richard i fell on your lies,
Richard you slowly felt your fear.

The silent life falls apart,
Your life succumbs, sun is dry.
Richard your soul's with my heart,
Richard I'm falling out of touch.

There's a lie you told it's gone,
Richard your lying on, entirely on your side.
Pour out your old remorse, to pick it up again,
Richard I'll hold you like I can.

Your life it all sounds so wrong,
Richard your light is so raw,
In might your soul's not you own,
Oh Richard I'll miss you when you're gone.

You loved all the signs you see,
Richard I know it's hard to pull without a goal,
Richard and all your friends, you'll see us all again,
Richard I know you left your heart.

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James Conrad

on Miranda (Demo Version)

Wrong lyrics.