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Spanish Air
Slowdive Lyrics

Screams that seem unreal
Shouts follow the sins
There's nothing here for me now
The wind blows for as far as I can see
I long for the sun
The midland air
For all that I have
There's written in waves
I know that now
There's left to be seen
I know that I've lost him
I'm leaving here
Fastest knife a sign
Feels so far away
There's nothing here for me now
The clouds fly, so far
I'm lost there now
I long for the sun
The midland air
For all that I have
Is written in waves
And now that I [know]
Is left to be seen
And now that I've lost him
I'm leaving here

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Comments from YouTube:

Stefano Piroddi

I just realized the cover of this album is a spinning girl with her skirt. You can clearly see the hair and her left leg. Heavenly, as everything Slowdive has made.


Oh you meant hair on her head, nevermind.

Denner Tallyson

You ruined the abstraction

Juan Cedano

No one else saw Mars in it? ☹️☹️


@Samuel Morse But it wasn't for many of us, as you can see from the comments above. Everyone's perspective is different. That's all.

Samuel Morse

Honestly that should be evident from the moment you see the image without knowing anything about the band. I don't care what age you are.

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Chris Hill

Takes me back. to Oxford in 1994/5...

One day I went down to see what the Courtyard Studio looked like/where it was. When I got there, Thom Yorke was standing outside. He and I often walked past each other on Abingdon Rd and St Aldates in Oxford. He looked up at and asked "what are you doing here?". (I had no idea Chris Hufford was their manager). I said that I was there because of Slowdive. He just shook his head and "Bloody Shoegazer." After that, if I walked past him on the street, he would nod and sort of smirk at me. :-)

Alexis Cooke

holy crap this is amazing


I always thought that the cover was a big sombrero...

Kelly Hartman

This song kind of captures everything that is awesome about what people call “shoegaze” (hate the label): Big, turned up bass, compressed drums, and threadbare, swirling reverbish guitar with a giant empty space in the midrange that is not nearly filled with the airy vocals. As a musician or producer, the more you listen to a song like this, the more you realize that you are probably totally overdoing that track you are working on now.

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