Slumbers Lyrics

It feels like I'm in a
constant battle with my
mind just to stay sane and
to stay happy what
ever happy is.
I guess more just to
stay satisfied with the
life I have. But what
more do I need. I
have a family who
loves me, friends who
make me laugh, and opp-
ortunities that
most aren't blessed with. Am I
being selfish? Am
I being high?
Why am I in
constant battle with my own
mind. Why can't I feel
satisfied. Maybe
I am satisfied
and that's the problem. Maybe
I have too high
expectations for this
world and need to
be lowered. But I'm lonely.
Why am I lonely?
Why am I in a
constant battle with my mind?
just to stay sane
and to stay happy what
ever happy is

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Luiz Sanches

"Batalha" (translation in portuguese / tradução em português - Brasil):

Parece que eu estou em uma
Constante batalha com a minha
mente apenas para me manter sã e
e ficar feliz, o que
quer que feliz seja
Eu acho que mais para
ficar satisfeita com a
vida que eu tenho. Mas o que
mais eu preciso? Eu
tenho uma família que
me ama, amigos que
me fazem rir, e opor-
tunidades que
muitos não têm. Estou
sendo egoísta? Estou
ficando chapada?
Por que eu estou em uma
constante batalha com a minha própria
mente? Por que eu não consigo me sentir
satisfeita? Talvez
eu esteja satisfeita
e esse seja o problema. Talvez
eu tenha altas
expectativas por este
mundo e elas precisam
ser diminuídas. Mas, eu estou só
Por que eu estou só?
Por que eu estou em uma
constante batalha com a minha mente?
Apenas para ficar sã
E para ficar feliz, o que quer
que feliz seja

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Homunculus Girl

I've been feeling this way for quite some time now.
I needed​ this song.


Fiona McVeigh same. slumbers understand me so much. also cute prof pic xo

𝓛𝓲𝓵𝓪𝓬 𝓢𝓾𝓷𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓮

These lyrics have been how I've been feeling for a very long time now, God this hits home.


I've never found lyrics this accurate in my whole life. I wonder if this is a description of youth or if we're gonna feel this way forever. If you think about it both cases are really sad at the end.


these lyrics. fuck. this was posted at just the right time

zoya gayle

christ the lyrics...feeling all of this right now

Colleen T

this song is too accurate for me. thank you so much for making this song exists 💜

iz current93

Great lyrics and great delivery of words . I love this song. Thank you for posting this hun.

gabby king

good to know that im not the only one feeling this way. heads up yall <3

Ariel Gurk

im alone most of the time and this made me appreciate being alone and fighting for myself... idk if it has anything to do with this song lol it probably doesnt but the sound made me feel this way.

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