All Or Nothing
Small Faces Lyrics

I thought you'd listen to my reason
But now I see you don't hear a thing
Got to make you see how it's got to be
Yes if it's all right

All or nothing yeah yeah
All or nothing
All or nothing for me

Things could work out just like I want them to
If I could have the other half of you
That's all I would if I only could
Is to say

All or nothing oh yeah
All or nothing if I could I'd say
All or nothing for me

Pa pa pa pa ta pa pa pa ta ta
Pa pa pa pa ta pa pa pa ta ta

I ain't telling you no lie girl
So don't just sit there and cry girl
All or nothing (oh no)
All or nothing (oh yeah)
All or nothing (gotta gotta gotta keep on tryin')
All or nothing
(For me, for me, for me we're not children)

Written by: Philip James Rice, Richard Guard

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Comments from YouTube:

In Defence

Bloody hell!
I can't believe it, I'm sixty bloody eight now, I'm sitting here crying my eyes out just like I did when it first came out. I bought it took it home went into my bedroom stuck it straight on my little portable record player. That was it, everytime I hear this I get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye.
Men shouldn't do this, should they.

Andre K

That's live !

Karen Bevan

Real,men do

chris gray

Yes, they bloody well should!
Good on yer!

Roy Bean

One of the great bands of the 60s. Just bloody good.

Neil Mcgrory

Well said 👍

Roy Bean

@Đ.J. βυττεһ Fíпgíz 👍

Đ.J. βυττεһ Fíпgíz

One of the greatest and still criminally underrated, unfortunately.


One of the best bands of the 60's. Fabulous performance, such a great song.

Benjamin Clarkson

@Pop Corn haha, well i mean it is 53 years ago can't blame you

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