Almost Grown
Small Faces Lyrics

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I love you,
You love me,
Don't you mess with me, one, two, three

Go honey go,
(Play it nice)
I'm so tough now baby,
Come on Missy

Overall Meaning

The lines "I love you, you love me, don't you mess with me" express a sense of mutual love and loyalty, but also a warning to not cross any boundaries. The playful counting of "one, two, three" adds a hint of childlike innocence to the lyrics. The next few lines "Go honey go, (play it nice)" give off a sense of encouragement or motivation to whoever "honey" refers to. The phrase "I'm so tough now baby, come on Missy" seems to suggest a shift in power dynamics. The singer claims to be tough and ready to take on any challenge, while addressing someone as "Missy" in a somewhat condescending or dismissive way.

Overall, the lyrics of "Almost Grown" seem to express a mix of confidence and caution, with hints of playfulness and power dynamics in the singer's tone.

Line by Line Meaning

I love you,
I have strong affection for you,

You love me,
You also have strong affection for me,

Don't you mess with me, one, two, three
Don't try to deceive or manipulate me, I'm ready for it,

Go honey go,
Go ahead and do what you want,

(Play it nice)
Do it in a pleasant manner,

I'm so tough now baby,
I have become stronger and more resilient,

Come on Missy
Addressing a woman and urging her to take action,

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Comments from YouTube:

Tattyshoes Shigure

This phenomenal instrumental from the Small Faces shows both their range & versatility... amazing band!

xo Sunshine Abbey

This song is just soooooo swinging! The first time I heard it ~ I was smiling and wiggling my hips!

Ian Roberts

This is the sort of track that just insists you move to it- you can't resist!!

Susy D

This is excellent, a real full sound, everyone sounds deadly good here

Ben Coleman

What a superb band they were. I would love to catch them in a small London club on a summer Saturday night in 1965 playing this one: wall to wall frugging.


A rock band isn't complete without an organ

Dr. Butt Hartmann

Love it! Drenched in organ!

Ludo Lime

Thinking about Mac brought me here........he lives forever in the sounds in our hearts.........we Mods cherish those who guided us..........thank you, Mac, Plonk and Stevie

Val Weedon

...And Kenney

Tattyshoes Shigure

Phenomenal keyboards from Mac... would give Booker T a close run!

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