Baby Don’t You Do It
Small Faces Lyrics

Baby don't you do it, don't do it babe
Don't break my heart, don't do it babe
Don't break my heart, please don't do it babe
Don't you break my heart
'Cause I sacrifice to make you happy
Get nothin' for myself
Now you wanna leave me
For the love of someone else
My pride is all gone, whether right or wrong
I believe, baby, you'd better keep on keepin' on
Girl, I try to do my best
Girl, I try to do my best, don't do it babe
Don't break my heart, oh don't do it baby
Don't break my heart

My biggest mistake was lovin' you too much
And lettin' you know
'Cause now you've got me where you want me
And you're gonna let me go
My heart was made glad when you strolled, you see
Heartaches and misery you've been causin' me
Girl, I try to do my best
Girl, I try to do my best
Don't you do it, don't break my heart

Go down to the river and there I'll be
I'm gonna jump in, baby, if you don't see by me
Open up your eyes; can't you see I love you?
Open up your heart; can't you see I need you?
I'm no good without you, can't go on without you
Life's no good without you, what'm I gonna do without you?
Baby don't do it, don't you break my heart
Don't you do it, baby, don't you break my heart
What'm I gonna do without you?
Got to go on, baby
Baby don't you do it

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Absolutely love this track

Pete Fummy

First time I have heard this version. Verdict. Pretty darn good. Marvin's version. A lot funkier and pretty darn good. But nothing compares to The Band's version. Levon's vocals are sublime, gritty, raw, just the way the song should be sung and played.
What is known as a masterpiece.


Checkout the poets version of this song, it’s really good!

JJ Flash

The Small Faces "From the Beginning" album also featured their stage favourite "Baby Don't You Do It", featuring Jimmy Winston on lead vocals and guitar. (Wikipedia)

Robert Tompkins

They were basically just kids at this point but they sound years beyond that in sound. Simply an amazing rendition. What a crime these guys were not promoted in the States. Thank God for UTube-maybe they will finally get the recognition they deserve.

Grape Minkoff

thanks for posting this track - didn't know they covered Marvin Gaye


Wow, the Small Faces do Motown real well !


One of the best bands EVER! I was 15 when i've heard the Small Faces first time. That was about 45 years ago. There was NOT one week passed during these years when I didn't hear any of their songs. SF is teh #1 for me. Period.


years b4 I heard Hip Hop,I looped the start of this on cassette (ya know; play/record,pause,needle back,play/record,pause,etc..) I think it gave me tinitus!! what a 4kn track! has ANYONE got (or even heard) the original?? once again Mr.Seeker, I doff my cap. Tre Liverpool Mods.

Geronimo Buford

I'm with mattjohnkearney......The Band's version is funky to me. When they do it live...whooo....nothing like hearing Levon Helm's voice.

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