Call It Something Nice
Small Faces Lyrics

Oh, can't you see? It's not me you're looking for
I'm not the one to show you the way
The answer is you, it was and will always be
The answer is you and certainly not me.

It's not this I say for wanting to hurt you
But this I say for wanting to help
Please, see the good and don't see the bad in me
The good and the bad are both in yourself.
Oh, please, don't grow, don't grow to depend on me
Don't lean on me 'cause I might let you down.

Make (???) now, tomorrow may never be
Make (???) now and don't turn around
But look for the light that's so bright you cannot see
Look for the light and don't look for me.

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Martin Hugh Henley

FABULOUS SONG!!! The great thing about the SF is that even their outtakes / B-sides / throwaway stuff was A-class. WONDERFUL!

Robert Tompkins

totally agree

Dimitri Mitrovic

Wow...such a shame they split and didn't make a full album of songs like this. You can tell how much better they were getting! With each album they grew so much. Their first one is basically just 60's British R&B (not bad at all, but not totally original either). Their second one demonstrated a remarkable ability to grow with the times, and really highlights the two contrasting styles of Steve and Ronnie. Ogden's is obviously a classic and is maybe my favorite English album of all time. I sometimes think about what they could have achieved if they'd stayed together, but I guess we'll never know.

Zane Goodeker

I would say they were one of the more intresting UK psych Bands alongside Cream,The Pretty Things,and The Yardbirds (who evolved into Led Zepplin).

Zane Goodeker

@James Haran nothing wrong with that

James Haran

Dimitri Mitrovic


The Small Faces were the real thing.  Many bands shameless copied them and got rich while Ronnie and Steve died pretty much poor in comparison.

American Born Patriot.

Misplaced trust in a man,
Don Arden,
But they were young,
Should've got the hint from a certain band,

Sandro Sanna


rawchin risold

I read somewhere that this great track got its name when the small faces stumbled out of the studio after an all-nighter. The engineer said 'What shall i call it?', one of the boys replied: 'Ahh, call it something nice!!'

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