Here Comes The Rice
Small Faces Lyrics

Here come the nice, looking so good
He makes me feel like no one else could
He knows what I want he's got what I need
He's always there if I need some speed

Here come the nice (its understood)
Here come the nice (he'll make you feel good)
I'd be just like him (if I only could)
(you know you should)
You know you should meet the man (the man)
The man gonna help you all he can
You don't money to be wise

Here come the nice, looking so cool
Everyone knows the nice is no fool
He'll bring you up, and show you around
He's always there if your feet hit the ground

You know you got to try to meet the man (the man)
The man gonna teach you all he can
You don't need money to open your eyes

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I block hints and spoilers. Like. The show does a great job at explaining
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Nekomamushi Is The Cats Meow
- Sanji is shaken to his very core after Vito tells him what would happen if someone refuses to attend of of Big Mom’s Tea Parties especially one where he is to be married to her 35th daughter Charlotte Pudding, so he asks for a paper & pen writing down the message giving it to Nami then apologize that his Nakama is getting wrapped up into the Vinsmoke family affairs. Fun Fact the cigarette brands that Sanji smokes is called Death & King Ground 🚬
- But as he hugs them goodbye he tells them that there is a powerful Mink outside nearby due to him using his Observation Haki (out of the Monster Trio Oda gin a SBS stated Sanji has the best Observation out of the 3 while Zoro is Armament & Luffy is Conquerers) then throws them outside of Capone’s body (returning to normal size) & controls the situation by holding Caesar at gun point while announcing that on his wanted poster is stated to be taken “Alive”
- After failing to trick Nekomamushi into thinking Pekoms was shot in the back by Jack’s men Capone makes a run for it, but not before the Curly Hats try to convince Sanji to stay with them all he says is that its his problem so tell the rest “Hi”
- Capone’s Devil Fruit is the Castle-Castle Fruit a Paramecia type that allows the user to become a living fortress like having a pocket dimension inside the users body while having full control within his own body even making various weapons or an avatar for himself so he can talk to people inside, & when you enter a certain distance of the user you or an object will change change size 🏰. Techniques: Castle Tank where he either changes or creates tank treads around his legs allowing him to move at high speed similar to Franky
- 😭 No Sanji, he is gone !!! but I love how Oda does this where he changes the mood by adding humor with Nekomamushi get distracted by cat nip plant 🐱
- Back to the Present … the rest of the Straw Hats are finally caught up with the events that went down on Zou for the last 17 days & has heartless Zoro might seems he brings up a good that has of right now after not only allying with Law to take down a Yonko, they destroyed both SAD production & the Smile Factory, kidnapped Caesar & defeated Doflamingo aka Joker who supplied Smile Fruits to Kaido making the Straw Hats targets of a very pissed off “Strongest Creature of the World” so getting involved with another one makes it even worst
- 🤨 Excuse me did I hear Luffy right that Luffy wants to quietly get Sanji back, & even more interestingly there is a person on Zou that can find him - I wonder who ?
- So the person they were mentioning was in fact Pekoms which not only survived but he would be the best chose to know where Sanji location is due to the fact he is one of Big Mom are members, & of course as usual Luffy can get names right calling him Pekomamushi / Lion Viper & side note his name might come from pekopeko which means “to be hungry” in Japanese which matches Big Mom
- Sutchies are (non-canon) wasps 🐝 like insects where their stingers can weaken others, they can suck blood with their needle-like mouths like mosquitoes, are attracted to bright lights, & they are a major pest on Zou so the Minks exterminate them to protect Zunesha
- Wonder what Naekomamushi is like well do I have good news for you because Brook has a wonderful song about him so lets Sing-a-long 🎶 quite the ear-worm isn’t it (Brook likes him because he is a cat & not a dog)
— Interesting fact Brook’s song was actually created by Cho (Brook’s voice actor) called “going off to meet Cat Viper” which impressed Oda so much not only he included into the manga but it was the inspiration to create Nekomamushi himself
- Welcome to the Garudiauns Residential District located in the Whale Forest this is of course where Master Nakomamushi & the Minks of the night live like the Garudiauns which include: Roddy the bull, Blackback / B.B. the gorilla, & Keith a monkey mink with a red scarf, & the captain of the Garudiauns is “Treetop” Pedro a jaguar mink (his epithet is a reference to that jaguars are amazing climbers but not as great as leopards)
- Well, well looks like Chopper got himself a lovely doe (hey since Sanji is gone somebody had to be the Simp 😍) meet Milky the reindeer mink & interestingly her name was revealed in a SBS where someone pointed out that another Mink had a shirt with a picture of her with the word Milky on it so Oda states “I'm impressed you managed to find that! You see how that shirt has "Milky" printed below her face? That's right; she's Milky, beloved idol of the Guardians! Since female reindeers are the only ones amongst all female deer-like animals that grow horns, you're also correct about her being a reindeer mink. Chopper will probably never find anyone like her. Will he ever try to approach her? Only time will tell.”
- When Nekomamushi was in the bath he was singing Beethoven's "Fate" which was pointed out in a SBS if thats what he was singing where Oda said “Woah. Now that you mention it.. his lyrics do fit perfectly! To think that Beethoven's "Fate" had such lyrics! Everyone, please try out these new lyrics in your next music class.”
— Nekomamushi is voiced by Masaru Ikeda who has done the voices of Yatter-Woof (Yatterman), Nyaravolta (Zanserman - also a cat & was the inspiration for Meowth), Ikki Yoneda (Sakura Wars), Huang (Darker Than Black), versus voices for Gundum series, also done Japanese dub for Joker (The New Adventures of Batman- which by the way Kaido voice actor also does Batman), Kuato (Total Recall), Fagin (Oliver & Company), Mr. Freeze (Batman / Batman Beyond), Cassim (Aladdin 3), Sheriff (Cars), & many more. While for the Funimation Dub he will be voiced by SungWon Cho who has voiced Kage (Ranking of King), Hyodo (Aggretsuko), few characters in OK K.O. like Johnny, Mustard (Pokemon: Twilight Wings), & many video game charters
- A cat eating lasagna people will think Garfield (which Kaido’s voice actor also does) & you be right, but thats not all he based on he is also based on the Cheshire Cat 😺 from Lewis Carroll's “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” & a Japanese cat youkai called Bakeneko & Nekomata (aka cat monster)
- Lasagna is one of his favorite foods the other being kamaboko (fish paste) which was revealed in a SBS along with Inuarashi’s favorite food being bones & chicken wings
- With Pekoms having survived due to his ability (?) due even more shocking was that he revealed that Sanji’s family the Vinsmoke Family are the notorious legendary warmongers known as Germa 66 (pronounce Germa Double 6) - wait does that mean Sanji comes from a family of assassins
- Luffy I understand you want Sanji to comeback even if he gets married but stop shocking Pekoms causing his injuries to act up when saying that if Sanji marries Pudding then Big Mom crew will become subordinates to the Straw Hats, but seriously if someone turns down a invitation to one of her Tea Pirates then she will send a box with the head of someone very close to you 😵 in the manga it showed the image of Sanji opening a box with a horrified look
— Speaking of the Baratie after the time-skip there was a Cover Story called “From The Decks of the World” where Zeff had added floors & not only that there is the Sister Anko a dessert ship that goes underwater is run by Patty the head pâtissier w& ten there is the Nasugasira the teppanyaki (a Japanese dish of meat, fish fried with vegetables on a hot steel plate forming the center of the dining table) ship run by Carne the meat master which as a very unique design that being a model of the drawing of Sanji’s face from is first Wanted Poster (which you can see a little bit during the halfway break with Sanji’s poster)
- Wait this is a political marriage between Big Mom & the Vinsmokes meaning that once they were married then Sanji is no longer a Straw Hat 😱 & of course Luffy is not having it making Pekoms sneak him there
- Law’s crew the Heart Pirates have grown over the 2 years but thats harsh Law not introducing your crew, so I will do it here are some of their name: Bepo the polar bear Mink he is the vice-captain & navigator of the ship, Penguin, Shachi (means Orca), Jean Bart (the ex-slave that Law freed), then there is these 3 that Oda told us in a SBS like Ikkaku (only female member & her name means narwal), Uni (wears a grey bandana with black strips & his name means sea urchin), Clione (wears a long blue hood & his name is a type of sea slug known as a sea angel), & then you have Pandaman 😳 ?
- I know that the Straw Hats & the Heart Pirates have to deal with 2 Yonkos, but forget it now lets P-A-R-T-Y 🍺
- The thing Luffy forgot was that Kin’emon & Kanjuro are still climbing Zunesha’s left hind leg (for a 3rd time) but luckily we have the “mature” adults that being Robin, Brook, & Franky (nice hair 🐋) station themselves at the gate of the Mokomo Dukedom so they can stop them from encountering the Minks
- Oh No they fell asleep !!! just when Kin’emon & Kanjuro finally made it up onto Zou thanks to Kanjuro’s Fude Fude no mi / Brush-Brush Fruit a Paramecia that gives him the ability where he can turn anything he draws into 3D then giving them life by saying the word “Appear” & his Technique Torasaburo is where he creates a tiger (which in Japanese is tora) & saburo means “3rd son” referencing its the 3rd drawing
- Bariete (a monkey Mink he is a member of the Recon Squad & the one in charge of guarding the gate) “The Samurai are Coming !”

Anime enjoyer

I agree what you said but I do not think shanks fought kaido.

Spoiler ...........

Because in manga kaido says luffy is the strong enemy and he can't remember a serious 1v1 fought he fight in a long time.

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I block hints and spoilers. Like. The show does a great job at explaining
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Love you guys 👊🏻


The wild thing about all this with Sanji is it happened after the Wanted Poster was updated with a more accurate picture. I mean, who ever saw him clearly didn't before since the illustrated one didn't help. If that was the case, Duval would have been captured years ago.🤣


Lee "We indoctrinate our children into One Piece at a young age."
Me "Finally a true man of culture."




I could see Chopper deciding to retire here at the end of the series. Opening a clinic, marrying the Reindeer Mink, and having kids.

cory hawks

@Cosmic Klutz, I mean let's be real, Chopper is essential a Mink, even if he isn't technically one. He's a humanoid animal.

cory hawks

Well, maybe with the Minks, but I highly doubt that Zunesha will be alive at the end of the series.


@Cosmic Klutz Giants, Fishmen, and Humans can somehow interbreed, so anything's possible.

Cosmic Klutz

Do you think minks mate with animals or humans

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