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Small Faces Lyrics

One and-a two and-a three and-a four and-a
This feeling of spring like the wing of a bird that is flying,
The nights they go cold as my mind does go old and I'm looked at,
A Inspected, hated, accepted
The wise men they wrangle, their minds look for angles and meaning (meaning!),
But the ceiling is light as I glide through the night and I'm leaving,
Living, being, mmm - mmm - mmm

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Christa Can

The best of the best.. R.I.P Steve x


a crack-up and a tear-jerker...short and sweet just like it's authors! supposedly based on Steve Marriott getting harassed for a false drug accusation


The band made a t.v. promo film for the song (that didn't air) with Marriott taking an innocent stroll and being attacked by police. I think the statement was one of positive youth versus police state squares, and it's a poignant one today for most of us. The ability these guys had in giving the song such a gentle sound regarding such a dark and serious topic is a great example of their unique art!

kat Mats

Thanks for posting this song. One I have not heard.

page mike

No ! the shortest single ever is Peter Sellers 1959 track "Peter Sellers sings George Gershwin" The track is 15 seconds long!

hifrom mike

Exquisite sliver of a song.

Cindy Falstrom

Just lovely


ditto CC lad! had us all worried for a bit!! Lee Soul Survivor


the most british song ever

Colin Carroll

One of the shortest songs by S.F. Only member left is Kenny Jones.

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