Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
Small Faces Lyrics

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Nowak Foxie

Why did I move to the PC?

I guess it was the mods.

Or the... ah, I don't know. That thing. You know, that thing. Freedom. You see it in even Windows.

I wanted to get away from closed platforms, y'know? Those- those walled gardens. Be free for once. A PC gamer.

So, I built a nice rig, installed Steam, bought a few games and thought I'd be a streamer like all the other streamers. And my friends? They'd be like the friends in these streams, we'd game together, install mods, but... well, you know how it is.

Beloved Scene

Porque eu mudei pra cá?
Eu acho que foi pelo clima...
ou a...
Ah,não sei,aquela magia!
Você vê ela nos filmes.
Eu queria me aposentar do que eu tava fazendo,sabia?
Daquilo,daquele tipo de trabalho.
Ser um cara bonzinho. Um homem de família.
Então,comprei uma casa grande.
Vim pra cá,coloquei os pés pra cima e pensei que seria um pai como todos os outros pais.
Meus filhos seriam os filhos que eu via na TV,jogando bola,sentados ao Sol...
Mas...você sabe como tudo funciona.

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"This song is often said to have a very British feel to it."
Well now it has a very West Coast feel to it

Zane Goodeker

It's incredibly Cockney Sounding,least to my ears.

Isaacs Random Videos


Mr. MovieMaker/Fornite Parody's

i like mafia three as well, and i defo think this song fits right in with the late 1960s aspect of mafia three


I always think of LA when I hear this song.

The Kraemer

I picture a typical day of cool weather and flashes of Carnaby Street

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Why did I come here?

I guess it was because The Small Faces were musical geniuses that deserves far more recognition.

battled doggo

your mom

Arthur Morgan

Why did I come here?

I guess it was my plan.


Why did cj move here I guess his mom is dead

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