That Man
Small Faces Lyrics

That man, is he still my friend?
That man, with the wild eye
That man,??
Mirror, can't tell me any lies
That man, with the weary look
That man, is a living book
Mirror, can't tell me any lies
That man
That man
Mirror, can't tell me any lies
Mirror, can't tell me

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Comments from YouTube:

James Aron

Great track, one of my favorites which I usually have in my playlist. Didn't the Small Faces also record another track with a similar sound but more psychedelic? The one I'm thinking of would have been in '68.

Ricardo Roy

Both were recorded in 1967 during second album sessions

James Aron

@heavenlyblueorange YES!! That's the one! I never knew the title of that other song before. OMG, I haven't heard it in nearly 30 years, I don't know how to thank you, it's my favorite from the band.


The only one that comes to mind is "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" recorded in 1967 and also sung by Ronnie Lane.

Cyber Doc

A seemingly more carefree era, at least on the surface compared with today. Thanks for uploading.

Gold Dust Resl

Oh the small Faces 😍😍

Steve Muvjele

Thank you for posting the video

Dave Wilson

Looks like they had fun filming this. :-)


Great video! Long time SF fan here. More footage in this video, 'If You Think You're Groovy' (with a beautiful P.P. Arnold):

Thomas SMITH

It's all too beautiful, it's all too beautiful.

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