Tin Soldier
Small Faces Lyrics

I am a little tin soldier that wants to jump into your fire
You are a look in your eye
A dream passing by in the sky
I don't understand
And all I need is treat me like a man
'Cause I ain't no child
Take me like I am
I got to know that I belong to you
Do anything that you want to do
Sing any so song that you want me to sing to you
I don't need no aggravation
I just got to make you
I just got to make you my occupation, oh yeah
(I got to know that I belong to you)
(Do anything that you want to do)
(Sing any so song that you want me to sing to you)

All I need is your whispered hello
Smiles melting the snow, nothing heard
Your eyes, they're deeper than time
Say a love that won't rhyme without words
So now I've lost my way
I need help to show me things to say
Give me your love before mine fades away, yeah, baby
(I got to know that I belong to you)
(Do anything that you want to do)
(Sing any so song that you want me to sing to you)

Oh, no, no
Oh, no
I just want some reaction
Someone to give me satisfaction
All I want to do is stick with you,'cause I love you

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C Wade

Steve Marriott was the ultimate front man. A giant talent that never got the credit he deserved. YouTube is a godsend. To be able to go into this musical time machine. RIP Steve. You are a legend!


Never met him but my paternal grandmother was a Marriot. I believe Steve was her nephew.

Paul Sidaway

I echo your words in total agreement. A genius talent. And to watch him here along with the other guys knowing he's a mere 20 years old is truly amazing. To write such words and sing with such meaning. He deserved much more recognition. RIP Steve.

Mick Nick

He was ready as a man could be!unfortunately he would be more KNOWN if he hadn't died in the 80s burning down his cottage probably free basing.HUMBLE PIE LIVES

Brian Harbut

@Della Fenton Absolutely agree on both counts! 👍

Brian Harbut

Absolutely agree 🌟

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Tim Hawthorn

One of the greatest pop songs ever written. Stevie Marriott's incomparably wild delivery beautifully counterpointed by PP Arnold's grace and poise.

Jenny & Craig Adventures

@Stinkeye Jones
Kennedy Jones himself said they were labeled as a pop band and it’s why Marriot left. From Wikipedia:
Marriott officially quit the band at the end of 1968, walking off stage during a live New Year's Eve gig yelling "I quit".[38][44] Citing frustration at their failure to break out of their pop image and their inability to reproduce the more sophisticated material properly on stage, Marriott was already looking ahead to a new band, Humble Pie, with Peter Frampton.[38] On the subject of the group's breakup, Kenney Jones, in an interview with John Hellier (2001), said:

I wish we had been a little bit more grown up at the time. If we had have [sic] played Ogdens' live it would have boosted our confidence so much. We were labelled as a pop band, which definitely got up Steve’s nose more than we realised. I wish we had been more like The Who in the fact that when they have problems they stick together until they’ve overcome them. Steve just thought well how do we top Ogdens' and he was off. Ogdens' was a masterpiece if we had played it live we would have gone to even greater things. I reckon we were on the verge of crossing the great divide and becoming a heavier band.[45]

Richard Witherow

@Tim Hawthorn It's a great neckerchief.

Tim Hawthorn

@Stinkeye Jones LOL plenty 😂

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