Wide Eyed Girl On The Wall
Small Faces Lyrics


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Gerry Radford

Beyond any doubt the most underrated band in history!! Gem after gem. Gx

Stephen Allcroft

Ronnie's bass on this... spine tingling...


Oh to have heard that 4th proper album finished! They were really blooming in to something special. Something light, something heavy, something groovy. If there's ONE band i wish we'd have seen a bit more of, it's The Small Faces. I mean The Faces were good, Humble Pie were OK but THIS WAS A FUCKIN' MAGICAL MIX OF FOUR INCREDIBLY TALENTED KIDS...


Marriott wanted Frampton to join to fill out the guitar sound going in to a more heavy blues sound down the wham bam thank you mam path I would imagine but the other 3 wouldn’t agree to it so he split the band, the other 3 regretted it because they became Rod Stewart’s backing band.


Brilliant track which I only discovered recently. What a great band.


Amazingly, I've never heard this before. What a great tune, wonderful 60s groove

Frans Edgren

It`s so lovable, it`s so great! One of the best bands that ever was.

Charlie Maan

Every time I hear this it just reminds me of a beautiful summers day …

Ronald Mitchell

Love me some Small Faces: thank you for this cut!!!…

Gerard Mc Cavana

For my good and life long friend Marty....who passed suddenly today in Belfast. Taught me early to tune up a guitar....and the first person i knew(and introduced me to) who loved The Small Faces...we were lucky enough to have met Stevie Marriott here in Belfast together, back in the mid 80s.....for you Marty.

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