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Walkin' On The Sun
by Smash Mouth

It ain't no joke I'd like to buy the world a toke
And teach the world to sing in perfect harmony
And teach the world to snuff the fires and the liars
Hey I know it's just a song but it's spice for the recipe

This is a love attack I know it went out but it's back
It's just like any fad it retracts before impact
And just like fashion it's a passion for the with it and hip
If you got the goods they'll come and buy it just to stay in the clique

So don't delay, act now supplies are running out
Allow, if your still alive, six to eight years to arrive
And if you follow there may be a tomorrow but if
The offer's shun, you might as well be walkin' on the sun

Twenty five years ago they spoke out and they broke out
Of recession and oppression and together they toked
And they folked out with guitars around a bonfire
Just singin' and clappin' man what the hell happened

Some were spell bound some were hell bound
Some they fell down and some got back up and
Fought against the melt down
And their kids are hippie chicks all hypocrites
Because fashion is smashin' the true meaning of it

So don't delay, act now supplies are running out
Allow, if your still alive, six to eight years to arrive
And if you follow there may be a tomorrow but if
The offer's shun, you might as well be walkin' on the sun

It ain't no joke when mamma's handkerchief is soaked
With the tears because her baby's life has been revoked
The bond is broke up so choke up and focus on the closeup
Mr. Wizard can't perform no GOD like hocus pocus

So don't sit back kick back and watch the world get bushwacked
News at 10:00 your neighborhood is under attack
Put away the crack before the crack puts you away
You need to be there when your baby's old enough to relate

So don't delay, act now supplies are running out
Allow, if your still alive, six to eight years to arrive
And if you follow there may be a tomorrow but if
The offer's shun, you might as well be walkin' on the sun

Lyrics © Spirit Music Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Greg Camp, Paul Gerard Delisle, Steven Scott Harwell, Kevin John Iannello

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London Foreman's Fun Emporium

The dude looks like he can kick everyone's ass at bowling.

mike barrett

I didnt see this but i just said the same thing 😂


that so goddamn funny, still laughing at your comment 2 years later.

Xander Mall

witch one?

London Foreman's Fun Emporium

@Unnamed_new How the shit did this become the top comment on this video i had to rewatch the video to remember what i was talking about. lol

Kj Burwick

He Can Just Fun Guy Sweet Hearts How True Ready Positive Future .April 6th 20201Who Related To Who .Wee .Huggs Kiss KJ 789.🌏😎🏄‍♂️🍎🍏

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Smash Mouth's 'Walkin' On The Sun' offers a thorough analysis of the collapse of late 20th century American counterculture, attributing it to both the commercialization of the alternative lifestyle and the devastating intergenerational effects of drug abuse. In this essay, I will


@Brendan Ayars The key aspect of your thesis should not be taken for granted with regard to the term "counterculture". One must ask what was the prevailing culture and what were the primary reasons for countering such a culture in the first place. Certainly there were aspects that were exclusionary and unjust and needed to be changed, such as racial inequality, but I think the mistake that most people made in that era, or were led to believe by social propaganda through music, television and films of that time, is that they felt changing attitudes regarding roles of minorities had to necessarily be accompanied by the jettisoning of other social norms that were conflated to be just as restrictive alongside social prejudice - such as modesty in dress, monogamy, and temperance with regard to alcohol and other intoxicating substances.
That an absence of racial discrimination went hand in hand with "free love" and drug use, I believe, was an agenda promoted from the very top to dismantle a system that already had as its tenet love for all without regard to race, socio-economic status, gender, or education level - namely the Gospel taught by Jesus and incorporated in our culture as the Judeo-Christian ethic - because the time of this revolutionary "counterculture" change, as you may know, coincided with the dismantling of Bible reading in schools, school prayer, and other public and official affiliations with Christianity.
Perhaps the more interesting question here is why the pre-counterculture society, which was ostensibly presupposed on the Judeo-Christian truth, failed to live up to its credo regarding racial equality and how the counterculture which strove to abolish this Judeo-Christian ethos, and still continues to do so today, has equally failed to eradicate discriminatory racial attitudes.
According to all social scientific observations since the mid-1960s, this counterculture itself has ushered in a host of problems never seen in the pre-counterculture society such as race riots in all the major cities, frequent mass murder school shootings ( even though there were just as many, if not more, guns available ) and the dramatic rise in all forms of crime, violence, theft, rape and incarceration. When I mentioned "an agenda promoted from the top", I think these outcomes were exactly what " they " intended to achieve by foisting such propaganda on society for the reason of making it easier for their extremely few super elite in number to rule over a divided and chaotic mass of billions, and continue bilking them of their money by addicting them to all forms of pornography, free love, drugs, filthy and violent music and entertainment, and everything else that came along with their wonderful counterculture, all disguised under pretty young flower children of all races singing kumbaya hand in hand.
Your comment about the effect of social media in all of this, as you astutely observed, cannot be underestimated. However, far from causing complacency, this is what will bring about the final battle between these two forces. As a nearing capacity at an almost worldwide level of knowledge and comprehension of these observable facts is realized, the induced haze of bread and circus, through a seemingly endless stream of gaming, movies, sports, porn, and whatever through the Internet, intended by that agenda from the very top is even now being cut through and countered by an equally powerful Great Awakening into REAL content and knowledge being looked into and produce, about who "they" are and what "they" have been doing to us all along, because as you know, when you go all the way up to the top of the ladder of money and power to the people that own and are running all of this - they turn out to be the same people who were running it all along...

Jon Peitz

I ride for smash mouth

It’s Free Real Estate

Saying “in this essay” automatically makes it worth a B- at best lol

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