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Someplace Better
Snail Quail Lyrics

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Elysion Deep inside, day by day There's no wind to blow your…

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Trace Stevens

I once raised pheasants. They had a severe pecking order and were brutalizing each other. Quail were even worse as they
literally were killing each other. I knew these were game birds for hunters, and so I gave them these feisty birds to deal with
-- alive. You may think people can be the cruelest animals in the forest, but you haven't seen anything till you try to raise
these game birds. We also had kittens that were outside cats. They, also, sat on the back porch banister, and would dash in
To attack our table bread when we weren't looking. Also Warbles ,from horse flies ,would lay eggs in their skin. We would have to pour a couple drops of kerosene on the infection and pull these parasites from their necks. Almost made me get rid of all
Animals and just raise veggies. No stomach for animal husbandry without a husband. Turkeys and chickens I really loved.
The Turkeys usually stayed in the farmyard--- except for Sunday mornings when they would go up to the little Church and
Torment the parishenors. They loved men's polished shiny shoes, and would try to sit on their feet. They were very friendly,
but were a real test of religious Christianity, back on the homestead.

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Sara In SoPo

Oh my! My husband says, “never let a bird fall in love with you.” He’s currently sitting in the living room holding our indoor hen. 😝

Angie S



K my husband brings a different bird Into the house all the time...

Free Range

Awwe! 🥰

Judy Abernathy

Love it!!

Cali Wildflowers

That's hilarious.

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Giovanna Universe

It is nice to see someone talk about things that aren't working out. Glad I found this channel! Learning a lot and learning to consider a lot.

Rachel Free

Those sound like the best kitties ever 🥰 We looooove our “barn” cats (who are currently asleep on the couch 😂)

Bonnie Overton

Love that you guys are up front about the mistakes you made! That helps others make better choices. 👍


I love our guineas so much!!! They are loud but it makes me feel like I'm in a bird jungle. I love when they crouch low and run as fast as their little legs can go. We kept them in a coop and run for the first 6 months, then when we let them out they stay close-ish to the coop. They don't touch my plants, just the bugs. They are silent when bug-hunting!

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