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Soa Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Soa:

Blackout War going on inside my head I can't get to sleep,…
Draw Blank Always ask how I feel Think the truth is part of…
Gang Fight There's two sides that are gonna fight Both sides know that…
Gate Crashers You wanna die before you get old Your red hot temper…
Girl Problems Call her on the phone Oh shit, she isn't home And you…
Gonna Have To Fight Some guys got your money Theres two things you can do. You…
I Hate The Kids I hate kids that say to me I hate kids that…
Lost in Space up in smoke i laugh in your face fucked on drugs lost in…
Public Defender See 'em coming You better move quick He's gonna hit you with…
Riot There's a war on the street, watcha gonna do There's no…
Warzone BANZAI! Here they come, clubowners beware They're not welcom…

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Comments from YouTube:


Despite everyone hates Clay, I gotta say he was such a great character.

Gabriel Costa

me too man is my favorite

green light

Probably the best character in the show. Never liked jax at all.


It'a not about hating him.. his character was very special and different.. a true evil.. they didn't create any kind of sympathy for his character so we can say for example:"He is a good person". Kurt just created a pure evil character..

Frost DX

he has freaky kind hearted yet sad eyes. now jax has the eyes of a soulless person.


To me Clay Morrow was way better leader than Jax ever was. And it is ironic how Jax became worse than him in the end. He was all the time saying that he doesn't won't to end up like Clay but he ended up worse. Clay only once thought about his personal interest (by killing Piney and wanting to kill Tara), but all Jax ever did was out of his personal interest. And I liked the fact that Clay stayed bad ass till the end. He didn't rat.


+MrNeronakos (spoilers) 
Well thats not really true because the No Mad home invasions? Killing JT? The whole cartel deal? Donna? I do think Clay added alot of good stuff for the series and Ron is a great actor because i really do hated Clay at the end. He did alot of stuff for the club but all the bad stuff was own interest. He deserved to die. The only reason Jax fucked up because of Gemma and killing Tara. All would be fine if Gemma just let Tara be or not lie about the Chinese doing it.


@MrNeronakos Jax was a petulant boy who always pissed me off with his emotional hysteria and extensive attempts at moral reasoning - Clay just got on with business, never blinding himself with philosophy and shit. That's why I wish he survived.


clay is the most badass character out of them all :)


Nah, Chibs. The way he killed Jimmy was the most badass moment of the series

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