gang fight
Soa Lyrics

There's two sides that are gonna fight
Both sides know that they are right
No one remembers what made it start
Both sides know it's the other's fault

Flying fists, flying feet
Fighting head on in the streets

Bones get smashed, blood gets spilled
It's just tough shit when a friend gets killed
A life-long fight that has no end
Why mourn a death when there's revenge


After the brawl they still feel the same
With anger sparked they feel no pain
The next time could be the last
The next time could be the last

Contributed by Brody R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Whites fighting whites and blacks and asian just watching the show.


@MAD HATTER They do? Really? Show me where this is written down, I'd like to see it.


@FerretJohn The Sons of anarchy is a fictional biker gang. Real life biker MC's like the hells angels, outlaws, pagans etc they had policies excluding black people from joining their clubs. So yeah everything you see in this tv show is bs for the most part.


@Frank Kelly Thanks for generalizing everything, really shows how stupid you are. Even if they were there's racist and there's Racist, the SoA aren't Aryans, they may not have members of other ethnicities in their ranks but they have no problems dealing with other ethnic gangs, they'll sell guns to whoever has the money regardless of what their skin color is, and the other gangs have no problems helping them slap Nazis

T McDowell



So because HA doesn't allow black members, white bikers will never fight each other irl? How does that even correlate?

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Back when Gemma was likeable Jax wasn't on a warpath and Clay wasn't a full on villain.

Christopher Whiteside

Best episode of the full show

Stuart Damien

@Jared Hayes Cutting to black is cheap & not even an ending

Jared Hayes

@Stuart Damien Sopranos And SOA had THE BEST endings in Television history!

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