Soul Searchin'
Solomon Burke Lyrics

I was a fool
I told a lie
I did you wrong
I made you cry
So now I'm walking all alone
Down the darkest street in town
Standing in the rain
While my tears keep falling down
I'm soul searching
How could I say goodbye to you?
I'm soul searching
I made you cry
How could I leave
Somebody like you
How could I do all the silly things
That I do
Wht makes me try the way I do
Act a fool the way I do
I need you so bad baby
Won't you come back to me?
I'm soul searching
But nobody like my baby
I keep soul searching
It's driving me crazy
Did I ever say goodbye
I must be outta my mind
I keep walking and looking for a sign
I gotta be crazy baby
To ever let you go
I keep looking for a sign
Oh why
Do I get all the bad breaks
How could I make
Such stupid mistakes
But the truth won't come to me
No matter how I wreck my brain
The rain keeps falling down
And I keep calling out your name
I'm soul searching

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Comments from YouTube:

Justin Plank

Wow, this was pleasantly really a hardcore Beach Boys fan, I didn't expect much from this version, but it fits Solomon Burke really well! If you're interested in more about this song, search out the Beach Boys' version, it's one of the last songs they recorded with long time member Carl Wilson.

Rubber Soul

This isn't a shameless plug for my channel, but check out the rest of the tracks from this album I've uploaded. Gotta say, Burke's renditions of familiar songs is stunning. The album is extraordinary. I too am a big BB fan. Carl has always been underrated.


great album, one of my all-time favourite


This is a great BW/BB cover! The original intent was a Philly Soul feel and Solomon just nailed it!!! Great job!!!!