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My lust for money is never what made me better
I used to hide all my feelings, I put them under my sweater
But the time we spent apart was the time that kept us together
Now the time we spent together it's the time that's getting us cheddar
Yeah, that brings me back to my first line
You can blame this shit I'm writing on my birth sign
I fell in love with the feeling when you were feeling so
Ever since I've been killing it every minute like

Light time, I'm representing for rain
Cause that's all my city know, I ain't feeling one and the same with
Those talking about it never really saying anything
Innovating it's just the spot from which we came from
So when I'm rapping never rapping like I'm rapping in front of a
Couple drunk chicks saying that I'm the man
I'm rapping like UBG, ain't rapping like you would stand
And I rap like you say I couldn't and I rap like you say I can't

Good morning to this show, act here to wallow
Drop good news then the closers follow
This year the first year that them hoes is on you
That's when my man said pretty soon them bros will follow

I always wanted to sing but was too afraid of it
So I'm thinking I'm doing it because they love it
Shouts to cudi im open to what im doing
But im bout to take it somewhere where ain't no one been moving
.my girl say she love me, I tell her why don't you prove it
But when she ask me the same I always start acting stupid

That's how I felt about my music till I committed my vision
Now I know there's nothing to it
God, I never been too good at interviews
I'm getting better, take it slow just like a interlude
I show 'em proof similar to how a winner do
But in the scheme of things I'm really a beginner (oh!)
Striving for better, my people know it
I don't pass on any chance man I pick and I roll it
Pull light to all this before it exploded
So won't you fuckin and tell me shit when I pop it, don't blow it *(blow it)

Couch surfing like I'm wake skating
No breakfast, all I had was wake and bakin, now
Now I'm close to making bacon'paper making
And I don't even chop no trees like i got no leaves
People always love to get their opinions
I love to hear 'em, but they probably wouldn't have them if they looking in the mirror
I just give them Windex to make sure that it's clearer
Insecurities a little more cocky than they appear like

Even the greatest were hated on
Used that as my motivation never to tag along
With all these robots doing what they be telling
I prefer to take the lead like Megatron

Just some miles that I'm tryna whack'the shit to give a heart attack
And ever since its been my body that can't adapt' cause if we talking credit then you know I got a lot of that

Funny thing is this like a twelfth of my potential
Times this by twelve, you looking at something mental
You looking right at a gentleman rocking an '80's Letterman
Rookie looking a veteran, fuck it, you better let it breathe
Feeling Mandela when jealousy occur, you can cut and fucking be my acapella do the work
Anaconda by Nicki Minaj
Lifestyle by Rich Gang
***Flawless (Remix) by Beyoncé
Hot Nigga by Bobby Shmurda
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Nadine Nzanda-Buana

So underrated

J Missy

Best mixtape ever!!!!

Donovan Jones

So fricken good



Jacob Alvarez

Dirtiest intro stillz!

Zombie Slayer


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