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The Nothing Interlude
by SonReal

My apology
Perfected the psychology
To give you what you want is all I need, it's my pilosophy
Lady say that women never give it first date
I disagree a bitch fuck a man for that money that he make
Women fuck if she be feeling it
Call that girl a lady
If she say she love me then I'm calling that bitch crazy
See this one girl she treat me like I'm Bieber
But I took it cause she smokin'
I ain't talking about Khalifa
Named her Hurricane Katrina with that nighttime demeanor
Plus she from Charlemagne like Selena
But my point is
You as lady as you make your lady know
And you can only get played by that field you playing on
Cause players need opponents for the bonin'
If you let them take control
Then your cojones what they owning
I'm just saying, JK I'm just joking
I aint trying to get in your pants baby girl
I'm trying to own them
You gave it up to quick
I aint sayin you a hoe
I'm just saying there's no buildup to my feelings anymore
But trust me I'll call you back
Probably scoop you in a cab
Hit yo crib then fuck you to the best I ever had
Wake up on a Sundaymorning
Catch a train home
Miss the train of though when you searching for the one
In a super messed up way
But that way is still a search
It usually ends up with you saying I'm a fucking jerk
With your mascara runnin'
Let me tell you somthin'
We was never in love, nah
We'ze just fucking
And that's not all I wanted
But that's all that it came
Cause baby we started sleeping 'fore I barely knew your name
And now I barely know more
Sleep I was not being for it
Cheating wasn't worth it
So my new girls name is Laura
She say "you treat me like a hoe"
I say what
She say "You treat me like a hoe"
...I'm like shit
I never meant to make you feel like that
Always pride myself on being real, I hope you feel that
And understand that I'm still trapped
And what we call that one night
Fling for lil fun right?
Never meant to make you feel like were used just like a puppet
She say that's cool, I just started catching feelings
Never thought you thought we fucking
Thought you had better intentions
She turn aroun to walk the other way
I chase her down cause all I really wanna say is

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