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Cross My Heart
by Son Little

Tom and Bobby
They gone
They don't live here long
But i'm still knocking
And clawing
Wishing gonna get me none

All or nothing
Get on
Bang the guns bang these drums
Come in hungry
You gone
Left us with none but crumbs
Out in the fields
We're the same
Out here, my dear
Ain't nothin changed
Cross my heart

For love, for money
For what?
Trying to sell hot to the sun
Sex and candy
So young, bet I'm gonna get me some
Rum and honey
You run, run till your heart feel numb
Come, I'm hungry
You gone
Left us to scrap for crumbs

Out in the fields
We're the same
Bad deal, flash steel
Get locked in cage
Well, ain't we brave
Feel my rage
Cross my heart
Nothing changed

All I want
Is no more pain
Cross my heart

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