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Sona Jobarteh Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sona Jobarteh:

Musow Ô, ô musow tiurulaaa Sadiô go musow nhaminaaa Umanô, Umanô, …
Reflections Ont-ils oublié leurs promesses? Au moindre rire, au moindre …
Saya Hmmmm, sooba saya... Fagantɔw lu kasikan, Ko bana ye saya f…

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Suzanne Lerner

One English translation I hope, please correct in comments!
NOTE: Sona Jobarteh, this amazing Singer & Musician, has a school for musically talented orphans and children whose parents can't afford to send their kids to school. She funded and started the project, which includes a complete heart-centered conscious education. Please give a donation here
Your Money, even as little as $5 or $20 can go such a long way to support this Traditional Gambian Music School in Gambia. Please take just a few minutes and give some money today. I just did! What a miracle! : It's like planting a tree for future generations to enjoy the music you are enjoying now. Support live music & future generations of gifted musicians! (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the donation buttons)

Sacko, Fanta. 1972. Musique du Mali. Vol. 1. Fanta Sacko. Barenreiter Musicaphon, BM 30L 2551.

(Kankan Jarabi)

A song dedicated to the power of love and to its predominance over all other feelings. It teaches us that:

Every person
Is called upon to dedicate to another
A passionate love.
All illnesses
Can be treated by the doctors,
But love is an illness
Which doctors cannot cure.
Wait for me! Wait for me, my beloved one!
For I cannot live without you.
Surely you do not know my beloved one:
It is he who, for me,
Eclipses all others.
The old women do not know
Perhaps, the power of love;
The old men do not know,
Perhaps, the power of love;
For if they really knew it
They would have understood my passion,
They would have understood
That love is an incurable illness.
For love knows no father,
For love knows no mother,
For love knows neither brother nor sister;
Love is blind to all this,
Love is deaf to all this,
What counts alone is what you have said to me.
And never forget, my beloved one,
What you have promised me,
For treason is worse than all,
Especially in love.
remember...if you are touched by this music, consider supporting this Amazing musician's school in Gambia, created by her to raise a whole new generation of gifted singers & musicians.
>>Scroll to the bottom of the page to donate to Sona's School in Gambia, here:

All comments from YouTube:

michael heron

The magic of the internet allows a jamaican living in canada to be transported back to the homeland by this beautiful music played by these talented musicians.

Philippe Van den Sande

I have seen a blue heron the morning... Now I know why.

Maree Walsh

Fa real!

James Xanthios

Wa gwan Michael from a fellow Canadian. This music transcends location, time, and race - it’s simply beautiful.
But why leave beautiful Jamaica for the frozen climate of Canada - Canada is too cold.

David King

And a Jamaican living in Jamaica experiencing the same. What a music sweet mi Idren!

Michael Michael

Love my Jamaica 🇯🇲 family from East Africa ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

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Mac Randy Citeta

Une des seules choses que permet la musique : le sublime par l’harmonieuse symbiose de sons, sonorités et âmes qui les émettent.
Ce son est le seul qui me plonge ou me transporte dans un moment de connexion avec la transcendance.
Merci Sona 🙌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Espérance LaFortune

After listening to this song, i decided to name my daughter "djarabi", word which actually means "beloved". Sona you are divine. Much love from Cameroon 🇨🇲❤️

Tamara D. Warner

I cannot find the words to describe how this beautiful music stirs something deep in my soul, like a soothing balm to my very bones. It is “heaven” and “home” rolled into one. May God continue to bless Sona Jobarteh, an honored griot, and the talented musicians who accompany her to create these sacred sounds that seem to transcend time and space.

Carmela Torrente Calo


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