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Mali Ni Ce
Sona Jobarteh Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sona Jobarteh:

Musow Ô, ô musow tiurulaaa Sadiô go musow nhaminaaa Umanô, Umanô, …
Reflections Ont-ils oublié leurs promesses? Au moindre rire, au moindre …
Saya Hmmmm, sooba saya... Fagantɔw lu kasikan, Ko bana ye saya f…

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Comments from YouTube:

Famsz Famsz

She is paying tribute to Mali in her song. Mali Nie ce: means thanks to Mali. A translation attempt "I am very happy, friends and relatives. I swear I am happy, people of Wassoulou. The happiness I feel is immense. I am happy and proud of the rich cultural heritage of Mali, including that of Wassoulou. During my trip, I landed in a country called Mali. Every success has a foundation. Sona Jobarteh was welcomed like a queen. When you land on the earth Mali, you're bound to go to pay tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Wassoulou. The
brotherhood is sacred and this link is preserved in Wassoulou. The successful marriage is rare, but we find a lot in Wassoulou. Good luck is rare, but we find it in Wassoulou. During my trip, I landed in a country called Mali ... I salute everyone for the warm welcome I received. I sing this song to thank and pay tribute to the Malian artists. Sona greets you and says “Ani ce". Thank you for the warm welcome I’ve been subject of. Salif Keita, Kassé Madi Diabate, Habib Koita, Toumani Diabaté, Djeli Madi Tounkara, Oumou Sangaré, Kandia Kouyate, Ali Farka Toure, Nahawa Doumbia, Ramata Diakite, Samba Touré, Keletigui Diabaté, etc. Mali ni ce...”
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sawsan fiysal

@horizon africa thank you 😊😍

horizon africa

@sawsan fiysal you will be welcome in Mali.

sawsan fiysal

Mali one of the countries I want to visit

Charles SOMDA

Your translation is quite right and it gives the gist of this song. Thanks for helping to make it more understandable. Proud of you.

Mams Tray

Sona speaks many Manding dialects. Mandingo, mandinka moori, Bambara, etc. Manding dialects both have the same root. They all count numbers the same and name 80% of things the same. The difference is the way they construct a sentence. Hope that is helpful. Thanks to Sona and all the great Manding jali. 🇬🇲 🇺🇸

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Sona Diabaté que Dieu et les ancêtres te prêtent l'inspiration et une très longue vie.
Fierté de l'Afrique.

Husein Ahmed

That point when she starts mentioning the music legends opens my highest chakra😊

Gisele Gonçalves Silva

Absolute! I love Sona, from Brazil <3

Emporio Alb

Good .and me ?

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