Songhoy Blues Lyrics

Whoa Let The Sun Beat Down Upon My Face
And Stars To Fill My Dream
I Am A Traveler Of Both Time And Space
To Be Where I Have Been
T' Sit With Elders Of The Gentle Race
This World Has Seldom Seen
Th' Talk Of Days For Which They Sit And Wait
All Will Be Revealed
Talk And Song From Tongues Of Lilting Grace
Whose Sounds Caress My Ear
But Not A Word I Heard Could I Relate
The Story Was Quite Clear
Whoahoh Whoawaoh
Oooh Oh Baby I Been Flyin'
Lord Yeah Mama There Ain't No Denyin'
Oh Oooh Yes I've Been Flying
Mama Mama Ain't No Denyin' No Denyin'
Oh All I See Turns To Brown
As The Sun Burns The Ground
And My Eyes Fill With Sand
As I Scan This Wasted Land
Tryin' To Find Tryin' To Find Where I Beeeeeuhoaoh
Oh Pilot Of The Storm Who Leaves No Trace
Like Thoughts Inside A Dream
Heed The Path That Led Me To That Place
Yellow Desert Stream
My Shangrila Beneath The Summer Moon
Will Return Again
Sure As The Dust That Floats B'hind You
When Movin' Through Kashmir
Oh Father Of The Four Winds Fill My Sails
Across The Sea Of Years
With No Provision But An Open Face
'Long The Straits Of Fear
Whaoh Whaoh
Whaohoh Oh
Well When I Want When I'm On My Way Yeah
When I See When I See The Way You Stayyeah
Ooh Yeahyeah Ooh Yeahyeah Well I'm Down Yes
Ooh Yeahyeah Ooh Yeahyeah Well I'm Down So Down
Ooh My Baby Oooh My Baby Let Me Take You There
Oh Oh Come On Come On
Oh Let Me Take You There
Let Me Take You There
Whooooh Yeahyeah Whooooh Yeahyeah Let Me Take You

Writer(s): Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Robert Plant

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Comments from YouTube:

Hazel Motes

I've always thought Led Zeppelin was overrated, but this is pretty good.

Elyssa Downs

Fantastic version of one of Zep's absolutely best songs.  I love everything about this version, it's magical. And the whole album has been a must-listen for the past 6 months - highly recommended!

night rainbows

Love this version. Is he singing the Kashmir lyrics in his native tongue or making up something entirely different? Excellent mix too!


Fantastica versao.

zoo xzxoxo

really happy that found them and love soooooo much!


The stone roses brought me here,I am glad they helped me find them.Can't wait to see them in june

Seb Williams

Led Zeppelin was THE BEST LIVE BAND EVER..........
Fantastic version of one of Zep's absolutely best songs. Hailing from Timbuktu, Songhoy Blues formed in 2012, in exile from their home country after having been forced out by the ultra-conservative jihadist group, MNLA which banned, among other things, music. Since then, Songhoy Blues have been perfecting their sound, riding the crest of a wave alongside other 'desert-blues' groups such as Tinariwen and Tamikrest.

Songhoy Blues' swirling, mesmeric guitars, muscular swinging drums and African poly-rhythms transform this Led Zeppelin classic into something truly special. Zep's blues-rock spirit shines through, but Songhoy Blues add a uniquely African twist, not least due to the vocals, which are sung in Songhai, the band's native language.