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Ya Basta!
by Sonic Boom Six

Soon as the beat
Hit the track, we’ve got the scene a-scream Sonic Boom Six back
Attack this dub-plate’s the blade, so log off your myspace,
Embrace and face this
Time to show the other kids what bass is

Incoming live from Underground the sound surround and twist
What they be selling on the TV, counterfeit
Revloution rock it still exist
Dubbin uppa riot, Here it is
Never televising this, they suspect this collective shit

Pardon my French, but er, sometimes I get kinda
Pissed at this music business
So I spit, you witness how the Bid still transmit
Another outlaw anthem hit. So kick it Itch

FIRE FIRE dem afi burn and fry-a
LIAR LIAR You know you’ll never get away with it
WHY-A WHY-A di still a-slave and’a master?
We say ya basta!
Hey !basta Ya!

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