In My Dreams
Soul And Science Lyrics

The soul once shattered
Now seemed to be whole
Constant reassurance
A treasure I'll forever hold
The beauty in your heart with me
Free will can make me breathe
Cheers to the end of my despair
But the ending seems always unfair
Everything that starts has an inevitable end
I feel the bliss in my soul
Cherishing everything I hold
Connection is unreal
So much elation I feel
The heavens I have found
To earth I'm no longer bound
And I'll see this through
To prove myself to you
I've forgotten all the pain I once held
Past memories completely dispelled
Negative emotion fleeing from every space
Once I see that smile on your face
Who'd have thought ignorance would last so long
Till the day you'd be gone
Happiness doesn't last forever
I thought our souls were tethered
But now I know our bonds been weathered
By the storm
I feel the bliss in my soul
Cherishing everything I hold
Connection is unreal
So much elation I feel
The heavens I have found
To earth I'm no longer bound
And I'll see this through
To prove myself to you
Even though my soul does sing
The pain this happiness brings
Can't hold itself in longer
My enlarged sadness
Only seems to be growing stronger

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Written by: Jacob Warren

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Deana From Chicago

This is me 💯. Thank you 🙏 I have used my dreams to help people for years, but never for monetary purposes.

Only one time did I not share a dream. I had a vivid dream about 2 small boys playing together in front of me one of them spoke to me. When I awakened, I couldn’t figure out who was sending me the message or who the message was for.

It turned out that they were sons of a good friend of mine. I tried to warn her months prior that her son could be in danger but she didn’t believe “I was gifted” or that her son was in real trouble.

She reached out and wanted to meet with me but wouldn’t elaborate her reasons. When I saw her. eyes were still puffy from crying. She asked me about that dream I had, about her son being in danger. I was hesitant but I only abbreviated the details.

She then explained that her 14 year son committed suicide and how she had a previous son that passed but didn’t talk to anyone about that. She asked if I had any dreams since the original one. I explained the dream of the 2 boys playing on my bedroom floor and how one was talking to me. It seemed real but it was definitely a dream. The older son was letting me know that he was happy and with his brother and for no one to worry about them.

She broke down crying and then screamed “Why didn’t you tell me that my son was gonna die?” I was so confused but I explained that I cannot say those words into the universe and that I let it go because she didn’t believe me the first time.

Lesson learned: no matter how painful the vision of my dreams, I should always try to convey the messages. 😢

Davie Dood

DE jevu means you dreamed it first. U saw it in a dream, and LATER you experienced it. It could be next day, or it could be a year or more LATER. It's like the memory of its there. But it's back in storage in subconscious.

For example many years ago, u went to an event and did some things and took photos of it all. Many years go by. U may FORGET conciously about it. It's still there, just back in your head. The TRIGGER is seeing the photos. "ahhh yea, nowwwww I remember! We did the thing, then went water rafting then horses, then the beach"

It all comes flooding back at that moment.

It's like that with de jevu. You experienced it in a dream. Very profound. It gets stored back there in the subconscious "back room" then u stand in "the spot" at the right time of day in the right direction and it just CLICKS. DE jevu. I've done this before.

Eveeybtime DE jevu comes up for you, tell yourself. I dreamed of this before. It helps u understand what's happening.

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After my father passed away, I had an extremely vivid and colorful dream of him. I had fallen asleep on my couch this night and in my dream I was looking at myself sleeping on my couch from a third person POV. Right beside my couch was my father standing over me watching me sleep. He was himself, mannerisms, body language, smiling and other things. Next thing I know he grabbed his phone out of his pocket, and after he did that in my dream I woke up abruptly to my phone ringing from an Unknown Number in the city he passed in. It was my fathers way of letting me know he was okay. Dreams are so wonderful.

Philip Simisker

TRUE AS ,,LOVELY thanks x

Philip Simisker

Yup my dad turnd up as a face in a wall next to where i was asleep, real ask how we where ,, ,,told him we missing ....... BRAIN???????

Mélody Hasson

You didn’t dream. You went out of your body, this was real!

jeff forsythe

Falun Dafa began in China in 1992 and soon had millions of practitioners who exercised daily in parks. Truthfulness-compassion-tolerance. The President Jiang Zemin saw how they all believed in God and felt threatened and so opened a Propaganda Bureau spreading evil lies. Eventually illegalizing it in 1999. Since then, millions have been tortured, enslaved, had their organs harvested and murdered and evil Xi still gives these atrocities his blessing. Wall Street is aware and so is the U.N. but never is anything mentioned, three gue$$e$ why.

Clever Metaphor

@jeff forsythe can you direct me towards some information about this. And why is it banned in China?

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Robert Saucedo

This is absolutely true what is being said here. I am one of the fortunate few that have been able to tap into this meditative state of knowing and allowing my mind to basically fill in the blanks and solve problems on it's own. Seriously, no lie.


@The Man Of God Philosophy is of man and therefore is a waste of time if you want to be a son of God. Two different realms with two different outcomes. Yes, people can get into other realms through the back door, but all they will find is more lies and false realities from Satan's kingdom. You will end up in timeless loops. If your objective is to be all that God has created you to be and inherit all He has for you, you must go through the correct door, which IS Jesus the Christ. God Bless you brother. 💕✝️💕

Ace Sanders

can you prove this?


@Robert Saucedo that's some bullshit. No wonder no one believes this shit because even the people that can do it have zero proof.

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